Yamaha a3 m

Has anyone bought or played a Yamaha a3m I am looking at this guitar but know nothing about it

Looks a nice acoustic, probably some good competition at that price range but still Yamaha build nice instruments

Hi Jeff,

I have an old Yamaha acoustic guitar which I purchased probably 25 years ago. I have recently upgraded with a new Yamaha trans acoustic guitar. My point here is that Yamaha make great guitars for the price. I love both of mine and they sound brilliant for the price. I guess I’m a bit biased!!
I found that walking into a guitar shop and trying lots of different brands and types was a big bonus as I could make sure I felt at home with it before I bought it. Good luck.

Thanks y’all I am going to take my time a feel this out and try some before ordering online

Hey Jeff,
I’m a firm believer in play before you buy for a couple of reasons, firstly only you know what you’re looking for in feel, sound playability, size, shape etc… And secondly, chances are you’ll have your eyes opened by the differences between brands in all the above categories.

Having said that, I do understand that we don’t all have good shops close enough to us so if online is the only option I’d be sure to check on return / exchange policy if it doesn’t suit you when it arrives.

And as a final comment, that Yamaha A3M does look very nice, and there’s not really much negativity around Yamaha instruments so I’m sure it’s decent but there would be a lot of options around that pricepoint so a tough choice!!