Yamaha TransAcoustic guitar reasons not to buy?

I’m not an expert, Tom, I think that looks fine, especially if you don’t get fret buzz when playing up and down the neck. If you can play barre chords then are you able to do so comfortably up at the 5th, 8th, 10th fret? But not sure of the ideal measurements.

It is easy to move around and no buzz . I think I will open a new thread for action only perhaps some body can give me some feedback :slight_smile:

I phoned a friend (Google) :smile:

Blockquote Measure the distance from the top of the 12th fret to the bottom of the 6th string. This gap should be from . 085" to . 093" (5.5/64" to 6/64") .

Blockquote The gap at the 1st fret should be . 020" +/- . 002"

All looks good

Play and enjoy :smiley:

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I love you and google :slight_smile:


OK now after a few days of using Accustic guitar I am trying hard to like it.
Played almost all my life Nylon guitar and acoustic is so harsh. Harsh to play and the sound hurts my ear. Also this Yamaha sound is huge. It is too much. So loud and harsh :slight_smile: My wife loves acoustic guitar but it seems I need time to adjust myself. my fingers are hurting too :slight_smile:

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Guys I have a problem. This guitar is making me crazy It keeps ringing ( feedback) when not in use

Does this sound come out of the guitar? I’m not an expert in electronics by any means, but I would think that either something is making the strings vibrate or the built-in preamp is picking up some noise from nearby. Does this noise persist if you turn the volume down on the guitar?

In transaccustic guitar the volume does not effect the reverb it just effects when it is connected to amp. this happened a few times when the reverb was on . After I played it and put it on sofa ,after a while it kept ringing. I contacted the store and he acknowledged it and said I can return the guitar so I am going to get rid of it asap and buy another yamaha but not transaccustic as it seems in a long run it is not a good idea. Normal is better :slight_smile:

That sounds strange. Let us know if they think it’s a flawed design or just a faulty model.

Anyway, there are very few things that can go wrong with usual acoustic guitars. :wink: Just get them or a luthier to set it up so that it will be comfortable to play and won’t require too much pressure to fret barre chords.

I wish I had seen this video before I got this guitar
It seems I am not alone

Bottom line: if you aren’t happy with it, send it back and get something else.



The store has so many guitars but so hard to find what I like. My budget is 1000 to 1500 US Dollars I prefer Yamaha , Martin and taylor but Martin , Taylor at that price is probably not a good idea they are more expensive and as for Yamaha the store did not give me much option. In a few days I am going to pick up my electric guitar and see if I can replace this one at the same time :slight_smile:

There is nothing wrong with your guitar it has a built in amp and your getting feed back. You will get feed back from any guitar if you set it down to close to the amp and speaker with out turning the volume down. Your amp and speaker are inside the guitar that’s what creates the reverb.
Simple turn the volume off before you set it down.

It seems you do not have that guitar or have not tried it. It does not have a volume .
The volume is related to the amp not the transacustic effects
and even Yamaha customer service admitted that this has a problem. :slight_smile: On the other hand
if you search in the internet you can see similar issues .


OK they do not have a volume knob per se as it is refered to Line Out level. If that is set to minimum there will be no output. The text below is taken from Yamaha Acoustic pickup technology guide. This also states the TA system can be switched on and off. I am no expert but would suggest both the Line Out and TA system need to be switched off when not playing. The way I read it, switching the TA system off, stops the disks in the body from vibrating. But seeing as though the react to the frequency of the strings vibration, they could pick up similar frequencies from other objects, unless they are switched off.
All seems very over complicated for a bit of reverb and chorus IMHO.

Because they can be played with or without effects, TransAcoustic guitars are eminently suitable for both live performance and recording. Three simple controls on the instrument allow you to turn the TA system on and off, blend the amount of chorus and reverb and select either Room or Hall reverb. In addition, a Line Out knob enables you to set the level of the piezo pickup.

Reason not to buy: You don’t like recharging or changing batteries in your acoustic guitar LOL! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Pretty much every Electric acoustic uses a battery for a preamp , no?

Switching off or rebooting everything will mostly resolve the issue:) even your PC :slight_smile: so remember to turn everything off or you get that weird loud sound?

I honestly get the modern smart guitar, they have some interesting features for new guitarists, but this doesnt sound that smart

I tried Enya smart guitar terrible quality control . I am fed up with all youtube advertisement . All YouTubers that get a free guitar and make all stupid claims about how nice this or that product is without experimenting them for a while.

Enya smart guitar was not for me . Too heavy. they tried to add a speaker to make it better than silent guitar but it is neither a silent guitar nor a normal guitar. I have yamaha silent guitar too it is excellent product and I love it . At least I can take it every where with me to practice but that heavy Enya smart guitar is too heavy and the sound is not that good either.

Believe me that smart guitar is good probably for teenagers not for a serious guitar player.

Now I realized that is always good to go back to the basics :slight_smile: