Yes:Endless Dream - Muse:Ghosts

Hi Phil!
It was a great performance!
You play the guitar beautifully. And you’ve done well with the keys, too.
Great mix overall :+1:
Thanks for sharing.

Wow, sensational.

Have you ever thought of joining a band? Where I live there are a few cover bands of retired guys that play their favourite classic hits at gigs. Maybe one near you is looking for a new lead guitarist? You’re so good Phil.

Nice one Phil, love me some Yes. That was an impressive solo and sounded good to my ears fluffs and all. :smiley: :star_struck:

@TheCluelessLuthier You’re right Mark! Perhaps the “old f*rt in a hat” prize :rofl:

@CD02 Thanks Craig! TBH with the production, I pretty much tried to copy Antoine Baril’s version, so I had some guidance.

@SILVIA Thank you Sylvia, it’s nice to know when someone enjoys what you do.

@Gonetoearth Way too kind Godfrey!

@Engooms Cheers Bruno! Tone was from Fractal FM3

@Lisa_S Vielen dank Lisa! I suppose it would be a good exercise to compose more choruses!


@crocodile1 Thank you Leonid! I’m just a one-handed keyboard player really, but it’s good enough for backing tracks like this

@jkahn Cheers JK! I would like to have a go playing with other musicians, but I haven’t found any in the area. I do check Facebook now and again but nothing so far. I suppose finding some online collab might be another avenue.

@Malz Thanks Mal! I do like Yes music - Steve Howe’s work is great but is way too difficult.


Yes, Steve Howe is a really excellent guitarist.

Phil, that was very cool and wins lots of prizes in my book. You make it look so very easy and look very relaxed whilst your doing it.

Bravo! :clap:

All class there Phil. That just danced out of your hands man. Most impressive.
( You show-off with the tapping :sweat_smile:).
Seriously though, that was a pleasure to watch, and listen to.

Cheers, Shane

Hi Phil,
Nice play, video work and production. You got the complete package going on this one! Your tone is great and fits well into this one. I liked the keys play as well. All work together to create a nice offering and and enjoyable listen!

Keep it up, your going down the right path!

Cracking production Phil, you grabbed me from the slide into the first note, though I was thinking we were going into Top Gun for a millisecond :wink:

Terrific guitar playing as always, and really impressive to be going all Prince (Squiggle, formerly known as etc…) and playing everything. And yes, the drums absolutely count.

:heart: :fire: :guitar:

@SgtColon @sclay @LBro @Notter Thank you very much for the listen and the nice comments folks!

Yes Mark, I missed a trick not squeezing in the Top Gun theme this time :rofl: I’ll have to do a proper Top Gun cover - I really like the tune (in case you hadn’t guessed).

This was really amazing. Yes is one of my favorite bands, but their instrumentation is so complex that I haven’t even considered digging into any of their songs. You made it look easy and I can only imagine how much work you’ve put into developing your skills and learning this song. Really well done!

Added some guitar chords to the Muse ballad “Ghosts”. I was using an auto-swell patch on the FM3 which means I have to play the chord a few hundred milliseconds before it comes out. What fun!


Thanks Rob - you’re right, yes music is incredibly complex. This one was just a tiny part of one song - fortunately with no complex polyrhythms!

Nice work Phil.

If it’s any consolation, it’s the same craic with volume knob swells. Have to hit it before to ‘bloom’ in time…

Good stuff Phil! I don’t think I’ve seen you play a song full of chords before, it’s usually lead stuff. Some complicated chords in that one.

Great job on the guitar solo! Very beautiful instrumental composition!