Yes:Endless Dream - Muse:Ghosts

This is a cover of the guitar solo on the track “Endless Dream” on the “Talk” album by Yes. The guitar on there is played by Trevor Rabin, but this solo is a greatly expanded version by the extremely talented Antoine Baril.

I played all the instruments on this track, well, if you count programming midi drums as “playing”. This is the first time I’ve attempted something like this. It came out sort of OK, but wouldn’t win any prizes :rofl: The drums were by far the hardest to do - fiddling with Reaper’s midi editor is painful! Thinking of getting something I could hit - like those electronic drum pads to trigger samples. I wouldn’t be allowed an actual drum kit in the house!

The only original bit on here is the last chorus of the guitar solo which came out of noodling over the backing track.


That was super impressive … would certainly win a few prizes in my book, that guitar was so clean and the tapping so smooth. Very nice indeed … and you say the drums was the hardest part :rofl:

This was unbelievably good.

I agree … winning prizes as far as I am concerned.

Great guitar tone and the playing of guitar, keys, and bass pedals top drawer by my yardstick.

As for drums in Reaper and the midi editor. I make use of midi drums in Reaper and can’t say I have found it painful. I suppose pain thresholds are personal. I generally use presets, either as is or then tweaked) but have also created my own. Personally trying to use a drum pad/midi controller to record drums sounds like a nightmare to me. :rofl:

That was fabulous. Smooth. Joyous.

I was a bit disappointed not to see the Sustaniac making its debut, Phil, but all was forgiven once the wall of sound started oozing from my speakers.
Superb production :sunglasses:

This made me lol, which will make sense if you look at my latest release :rofl:

Hi Phil,
I think some people are biting their nails now…

this is a bit of false modesty I find

You play very well and it’s no problem that you think so too…really beautiful sound
be a little proud and take a bow :sunglasses: :clap: :sunglasses: :clap:

Hahaha… sort of OK :rofl::rofl::rofl:
In my book this is superb Phil! :grin:
Sounded great as always! :+1:

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Hmm… If this is sort of ok only how great are you, when you think you did good? :slightly_smiling_face:

Your playing and arrangement are fantastic, the tone alone has me mesmerised. You have every reason to be proud, Phil.


Can’t really improve on all the earlier appreciations. Yes, yes, yes…!


I’m just gonna say wow! And watch the video again. Great job! Love the editing as well :clap:

That’s an understatement of epic proportions, it was fantastic.

@mathsjunky Thanks! yeah, programming the drums was hard for me!

@Jwaters Very kind Jeff!

@DavidP Thank you David! The tricky part was the fills. They didn’t have any pre-programmed ones like I wanted, so I typed in all the notes by hand into the editor and moved them around a bit. Never again :rofl:

@mfeeney0110 Thanks Michael, glad you liked it. It does have a sort of triumphant feel to the tune.

@brianlarsen That was a Wallace & Grommet drum machine if ever I saw one! The sustainiac is coming - I’m just working on a backing track now.

@roger_holland Thank you Rogier - it was pretty hard work - glad you enjoyed it!


@tRONd Thanks Trond! It was sort of OK - when you spend ages working on something, you only notice the mistakes like the hiccup when the tapping trill moves from the B to the E string at 1:40 ish :sob:

@JokuMuu Thanks NIcole, I’m afraid this is as good as it gets for me - there isn’t another level!

@beejay56 Thank you Brian - your appreciation is greatly appreciated!

@CarlosAP You’re very kind Carlos! This was the first time I tried the dissolve thing with the video - took a while for me to work it out (in Lightworks)

@skinnyt Thanks Trevor! Glad you liked it. Proggy stuff isn’t to everone’s taste :joy:

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Just Wow! I don’t think I could add anything to what has been said, but that should earn some sort of prize. :clap: :clap: :clap:

Incredible work as always really Phil :clap: :clap:

Great work with the video to give an insight into the different levels :+1: and the whole sound came together really well, great work.

Hello Phil, this is a stunning performance! :star_struck:So…just perfect…I much enjoyed the listening, thank you for sharing it!

I can’t find a “jaw hits the floor” emoji - amazing!

My thoughts on this are just like the name of the band: “Yes”! Top notch performance Phil, the tone is simply perfect.

That was just terrific, Phil! Impressive skill. :clap:

The only thing I dislike: too short. :rofl: I could have listened on and on, really great stuff! :+1: