Yet another Wish You Were Here video

Hey guys,

Here’s me playing Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd.

Not particularly original but hey, I like the song. I recorded the video on my iPhone, recorded the guitar audio through a Scarlett 2i2 with Ableton and Amplitube, and then mixed in the audio using Adobe Premiere Elements. My first time I’ve recorded myself playing on video, and first time mixing it together - wasn’t too hard.

In terms of progress, I started playing guitar in October, about 4 1/2 months ago. I’m at the end of Grade 2, doing consolidation. There’s quite a few mistakes there. The biggest being how I play the riff in the middle section wrong, I knew I was doing it wrong but my fingers were just on autopilot! However it’s representative of my level, I just played it after a bit of a warm up rather than try to get a perfect take.

I’m open to feedback (constructive or otherwise!).


I think you should be pretty pleased with that at 4.5 months in. Pacing was consistent and chord changes were pretty clean. Definitely sounded like Wish you were here! You might want to slide your guitar slightly further around your body…your strumming almost forward of the first pickup.

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Hey! That is great, at 4.5 months!

I think you were smooth, and steady. Definitely sounded nice!

The great thing about WYWH is that it is suitable for all levels and it is a great tune. So yes, it seems like everyone does it, but there are good reasons for that.

I have been working on it quite a while now and keep learning from it. I am not a sharer, so haven’t posted any video yet. Kudos to you for posting and having all the audio/video set up!


Great effort mate for 4 1/2 months, and well done on your first video post. You must be pleased with your progress. This timeless classic, one of my my all time favourites, is a deceptively difficult song, especially early on, and you did very well. It’s one that’ll develop with you as you progress.

Cheers, Shane

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:clap: :clap: :clap:

Bravo, JK, that is an excellent rendition given where you are in the programme and time spent learning. The others have summed it up already.

I can just say ‘keep on keeping on’ and over time you will polish off the rough edges.

Would be great to hear some other recordings that showcase other skills learned in grades 1 & 2.

Production was also good, tone, volume, and sync between visual and audio.

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Hello JK,
Your first video , and after such a short time … when I wore a hat I took it off for you,
Wish you a lot of fun to make this one perfect,I don’t think it will take you too long :sunglasses:
Greetings Rogier

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You might want to slide your guitar slightly further around your body…your strumming almost forward of the first pickup.

Good tip, thanks. Something video picked up that I had no idea I was doing! The guitar just kind of sits on my leg there, might have to work on where I put my legs and how I rest my forearm on the guitar.

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Thanks for the kind words everyone.

The audio setup is brand new, got it last week after watching Justin’s lesson on recording yourself! It’s been a fun learning experience, like everything guitar.

I’m hoping to record a few other videos in time, to track my progress, share, and also get a bit better at the art of recording!

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Hey, that’s great progress in only 4.5 months, inspirational. Keep at it!!!

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Super stuff JK.

For just shy of 5 months it, it is really good. Nice steady strumming and chord changes. You call tell what it is without even being told.

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One thing you could try is to stand up and play a couple of strums to see where your guitar ‘fits’, then sit down while holding it in place and try to adjust your seating position to have it sit there naturally.

Great playing for 4.5 months in!

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great job

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Well, I have to agree with what others have said - you did a great job with consistent strumming and tempo, and really nice tone throughout. I enjoyed listening to it - that’s what it’s all about!

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I have to echo what others have said, that is fantastic for only 4 1/2 months in. I was years in before I tried it. Kudos!

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That was great JK you did really well in my opinion! 4.5 months in with Justin and I reckon some teenage years experience with music did you justice and you achieved a fine effect, good job! :+1:

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Great job! The chord changes, picking and strumming were clean. Would’ve never guessed 4.5 months.

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Thanks for all the feedback guys, you’re all too kind. Making an enjoyable listen is what it’s all about (@Dave911).

For those that enjoyed the tone, it’s American Tube Clean 1 and a Digital Reverb pedal in the free version of Amplitube. Based on their “Buckley” preset, but with the EQ leveled and the reverb wound waaaay down.

@adi_mrok I agree the teenage experience, especially drumming, has helped me a lot. Helps to have a metronome in my head.

Hey JK,
Very nice and I enjoyed it for many reasons. It was not “just another WYWH” rendition. Rather you have a nice full tone on the guitar that sounds near acoustic like. Good job there. I might have caught a couple nits, but honestly for 4.5 months in you are going great and are an inspiration to me and others, I am sure. Nice strumming too!

Looks like the video got out of sync at the end possibly. I was not paying much attention to it mid song, but noted it there. A little editing work there and some tips will help that one out.

Keep rock’n and all the best!

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Thanks @LBro, glad you enjoyed it. Definitely a few mistakes throughout it, with a few wrong strings being picked!

Yeah, it did, I’m not sure why the drift happened because I lined up the audio and video tracks at the beginning. Your post inspired me to do some googling. Looks like video recorded with iPhone is variable bit rate and can cause this drift. So a lesson for me for the future to convert it to constant bit rate before putting it through the video editor.

Wow, that was indeed a lot of “drift” in your video and all in about 3 minutes of video frames! I hope you got it sorted for next time! :slight_smile:

Oh, a thought I just had. Can you “lock” the bit rate at the phone before shooting the video? In my thinking, that would be best…?

Keep rock’n,