You and Me by Neil Young Lesson

Learn to play You and Me by Neil Young on JustinGuitar!

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Dig it! Love the tone of the thumby strumming as well. :slight_smile:

Justin really nailed the singing too!

This is great,
Love the strumming. The way it keeps going relentlessly over chords that sound really loose.
Neil Young is one of those big named artists I’ve never really got into, but this song lesson is definitely my way in.
Cowboy chords…with a twist. Fab. :grinning:

Ps Singing is well good too, btw

Just wanted to say what a fantastic rendition of You and Me this is! And what a great lesson. To go with all the other brilliant lessons, especially your NY tutorials. Been a massive NY fan since his early days. Always trying to learn his stuff and to capture, a little, the spirit of the original version. Vocally and instrumentally, this cover really hits the spot. I would never have worked out the intro and chorus chords, not the feel of this song, without your lesson. Many thanks!

Whoa! Justin’s voice on this is awesome!