You Can't Always Get What You Want

A few hiccups- timing not great- but fun to try!


Very nice and tuneful. Really loved the slide; very impressive.

Pamela that was awesome, a truly grand rendition of Dr House song, well done! :grin:

Very nice guitar playing.
I love your version, so cool!

Pamela, that sounded great! Very well played.

Nice version and well played Pamela. Well done.
Would have been good to get the video framing to show your picking/strum hand too. Others always like to see what they can pick up and learn.

hi! Thank you for your feedback. I don’t have another video of that showing the strumming hand. I’m terrible at getting all that set up. Lol but I’m going to try next time to get the whole thing in the frame. Thanks again!

That was so lovely, very nice playing and I love the laid back vibe. You commented on the couple of hiccups, but a bit more practice will definitely clear them up. That was a really really nice fingerstyle cover of this song. Did you do the arrangement?

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Enjoyable effort, hiccups will go with practice.

Alright :exclamation: Sounds great :exclamation: Love the slide :exclamation:

You really play beautiful! Like Mari also mention, I also perceive this laid back vibe. My own wording is; your joy and fun shines through. You really seem to enjoy. That’s so cool. Regarding those few minor details, they will sort itself with practice, no problem. Well done! :+1: :sunglasses: :heart: :pray:

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Hey, PamelaK from a fellow PamelaK! :grin: aka pkboo3. I think you played great. I admire your ease at picking and strumming. You did great! Nice song.

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Awesome job @pamelak855 !!

I really liked your version of this classic song! Your arrangement was neat, and your finger movement seemed pretty natural. Keep it up!

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I really like that tune and you did a great go of it for sure. Your chording hand was doing some gymnastics there and it seemed complicated to get all of that run out of what was shown. Nice job on this and a very enjoyable listen. A bit more time on it will smooth the slight bumps out and make it even better.

All the best and keep them fingers moving!

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Really great playing there Pamela, fun to listen to as well!!

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You are well on the way, Pam. Seem to have most of it memorised and under the fingers, playing the licks cleanly, managing the left and right hand action.

I’m just curious as to the reason for playing it with the capo?

@adi_mrok also just curious, Adrian, as I don’t recall this song being used in the House series (but my little grey cells may be aging)

It’s been referenced a few times across the show and it’s been quite regularly quoted by House, it was even in a pilot as per video below.

As for singing Hugh Laurie was (and maybe still is?) a member of the band called Band from TV with some other actors in there and they covered it quite well I shall say :wink:

Hi Mari63- thank you! I cannot take credit for the arrangement. I am big on piecing together different tutorials I find on YouTube.

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Ty DavidP. Shut Up n Play- one of my YouTube go to’s, is a deep diver into the tunes he does. According to to him, Keith Richard’s played this in open G capo on 5th- although a lot of tutorials you find are open E capo on 8.

@adi_mrok Thanks Adrian. It has been years since I watched House (a most enjoyable series). If I recall correctly, the character may have played some guitar and had good taste (for that I suppose you could read, his taste and mine were aligned). Which of course is the case when pulling in a Stones song from Let It Bleed, which is such a fantastic album start to finish.

Just listened to the Band from TV intrepretation. Delightful. I don’t know enough about genres to be accurate but would say I’m hearing some of that reggae/ska vibe that I know from Madness in they way they performed it. Thanks for sharing that.

Thanks Pamela. That is not surprising … Keef playing in open G :grin: I’ve never looked at any lessons on how to play the song, so was just curious, especially when not singing along (which often means using a capo to get the chords and the key to work for your vocal range)

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