You do something to me - Paul Weller cover

Hastily created first video featuring moi in person, before I go painting my house between the showers. The horror!

Apologies to Weller fans. I started making up lyrics somewhere in the middle which I do often. Generally people don’t know the difference. ,:grin: I last looked at this 14 years ago when I started following Justin and abandoned ship quickly afterwards. Nice to return again.

The original -


Hey Dom,
How nice to see a video from you :smiley:, it is my absolute preference over just audio because I have a radio for that :blush:…great song and fantastic sung :sunglasses: :clap: :sunglasses:

Greetings Rogier

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No apologies required for this Weller fan. One of my favourites and you nailed it, well done. :clap:

Great stuff as always Dom. Love all the emotion you put into that.
Good luck with the house painting. Worked as a painter in the 90s during college so I know how difficult it is to paint a house during the Irish summer.


Very good. The strumming is top notch and you sing well(er)!


This is great :exclamation: Keep on :exclamation: Thanks for sharing :exclamation: :pray: :pray: :pray:

Excellent rendition Dom. Your vocals are excellent and I really like the way you mixed a bit of picking with your strumming.

What a beautiful song! I did not know it, but I really like it and you played and sung it very well. I’m thinking I might have to try and learn it. And your singing is excellent!
There were a few places where the time flexed a little too much for my taste - when switching to and from the melody lines and through the off beat strumming stabs. Nail those, and you have a really wonderful version of a great song. Well done!

I did this live on the OpenMike just over a year ago. Presumably there’s a video of that show in the archive.

Super stuff Dom. Great song and a great version. Well played and you gave it a really dynamic vocal.
Well done.

Hi Dom,

I’m glad I finally saw you in a video to put a face with the name. You did amazing work on this song. I really enjoyed the groove. Take care my friend.