You Got It by Roy Orbison Lesson

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Just wanted to say ‘thank you!’ Justin, for covering and explaining the details of such a beautiful song. As I am playing in a band (no name for the band yet …), this song will engage us for a nice project. Amazing! Wish you all the best

Hi Chris, @Narjuna

Feel free to let us hear from your band, there is a special section for this in the community…
And you have a special band name … you also could call it NNFTB…sounds cool phonetic :joy:

The sound is terrific on this lesson. Can you tell us how you mic’d up your voice and guitar please as this is just the sound that I want for our Folk Club Zoom sessions. So professional compared to my humble efforts. The song lesson is great too but I really want to know how you got the sound so good.

This is such a great lesson, and I’m having a fun time learning all the sections and putting them together, and attempting the vocal…
In the tabs, there’s a small typo , I think , in the Pre- Chorus, that could trap the unwary.
The pattern should read:
D DU . D U . D U . D U
(not the D D as written in the tab beat 3)

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Hi Eccleshall, @Eccleshall
Good that you found a typo and then it is handy you @Richard_close2u , who has the powerrr to correct it in the lesson text…