You Got Lucky - JWC

Cover of Tom Petty’s You Got Lucky. Just acoustic guitar and vocal. Guitar is a Martin DJR-10E, vocal is me.

I’m thinking about recording the synth/whistle type line on a low whistle. If I do that I might add some bass, too. But if I do all of that I’d probably re-record the whole thing. This one was kind of a casual recording so the timing isn’t as on as I’d like, etc. Blah blah blah. Anyway, here it is:

You Got Lucky (mp3 on Dropbox)


Wow. So simple yet so beautiful. I don’t mind the lack of whistles :wink: and bells. Your playing is spot on and your voice is great. That’s all it takes.

Sounds good Jason

Doesn’t your daughter play the violin? Check out Blackberry Smoke"s version of You Got Lucky.
Could be a good Daddy Daughter project.

Sounded great to me, no need for bells and whistles.

Great song choice and wow, what a a cover. Really enjoyed the stripped down feel. Really nice JWC!

Alright :exclamation: Sounds great :exclamation:Bravo :exclamation:

@Jeff @stitch @skinnyt @ToshS @BigLuc

Thanks, everyone.

That’s a good version of the song. My eldest daughter plays viola and piano. My youngest daughter played violin in high school, but has pretty much stopped playing since she graduated. My eldest son plays bass, but it’s also kind of an off and on thing with him. My youngest son doesn’t play an instrument, but he did recently ask about the possibility of getting a carnyx (a request I found both amusing and kinda cool).

I haven’t been able to persuade any of the kids to record with me, other than one time when my eldest daughter played viola on a short melody I wrote. (That one is the Lament track that’s over on my Learning Log.)

Very nice recording!
Your singing is very emotional, I am digging your version!

Very very good Jason, I really enjoyed that. Lovely vocal and excellent guitar play.

Hi Jason,
Very nice indeed. Excellent job on vox and guitar. Very engaging and well worth the listen.

Keep up the good vibe and be well,

@ReneAsologuitar @sairfingers @LBro

Thank you!


So beautiful, Jason :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.
I haven’t heard this song before, but your version was a real treat to my ears. Great playing and singing - very enjoyable indeed :hugs:.

Sounding great Jason. You’re a pro. I liked all the extra embellishments on the guitar throughout.

@NicoleKKB @jkahn

Thank you!

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Hi Jason,
You have such consistent quality in your recordings. Have some good vibes! :sunglasses:
Lovely clear tone on the guitar. Great vox and perfect balance.
I was just about to comment on the brevity of the piece, when I suddenly had a vague recollection of covering it as well. I checked and lo and behold, I did. Alzheimer’s is definitely setting in :rofl:
Good stuff, man. Keep 'em coming

Hi Jason. I listened the record and your cover sounds good as is. Not that adding the bells and whistles can be a nice project but it will be a different cover.

Lovely version of this classic Jason. Great playing and vocals. :sunglasses:

@brianlarsen @dobleA @Eddie_09

Thank you!

Yeah, with only two verses it’s definitely a short song if you don’t include a big intro, solo section, et cetera. I just checked out your version; nicely done!

Just you and your acoustic are sounding really good Jason. I don’t know much Tom Petty stuff but I thought the lyrics on this one were really good.

It’s great! :slight_smile: Very nice quality too. Also, it’s very fun to play along to.

Would you mind if I record my part over it?