You Never Give Me Your Money, Beatles

Hi folks,
@SILVIA (with her cover of ‘I Will’) got me wanting to play some Beatles.

I could sit here and record this over and over and never get it how I want it to sound on a recording. Or how I want to play it even. It is what it is. Amp pointing away from the telephone even.
This is take 1, w/light, recorded on my telephone. Yeck!
At least ya get a video.
Ya get whatever I just regularly do. Including turning the page and one notable missed chord change. Turning the page sure is a drag to do. I wasn’t trying to hard.

I’ve played this song for a while but just recently decided on how I wanted to play the break into the Rock & Roll.

It’s a fun song to do. But imho, w/o the other parts and vocals it perhaps is missing much. But this is what I do, by myself, early in the morning.


Hi Jim, given that I don’t know the song, both my colleague and I listened this afternoon after work and agreed that this was really a sweet piece of music. I’m afraid I know maybe just 1/5 of The Beatles’ production!
Your technique seems very good on both hands to my eyes, you do way better than I can do and you’re also good to pick those individual notes and…on the C chord I noticed you put down and lift fingers :heart_eyes:… overall it seems quite a complex song, but you’re making it sound good and the guitar tone is also very enjoyable. Well done! More Beatles from now on…all I need to do now is just to Let it be :smile:

Hi Jim,

I really enjoyed this! I’m a huge Beatles fan and Abbey Road is my favorite album, so I’m very familiar with this song. I was really getting into the groove with your version and singing along. You even played seamlessly when you turned the page. Great job! :clap:

Thanks for the comment.
It’s a interesting song.
Seems to have 3 tunes within a tune.

Here’s the real song by the Beatles off Abby Road so folks are aware of what I’m ‘trying’ to do.

Way cool. The book I have has just shy of 500 pages, I think. It’s a old book, several pages are missing over time, :frowning: I lost a couple pages last summer on a windy day. A big gust of wind came by and blew several pages away. I got most of them back, but not all of them. My wife found one page 3 houses away from us. I now use clips to clamp the music down when I’m outside playing. Live and learn.
But if ya know 1/5 of the songs, that’s 100 pages worth. That’s a lot! Again, very cool.

Since I have to play my guitar by myself, I try to adapt best I can to the song. Them fingers lifting is little ditties (or perhaps the melody in some cases) as a fill I guess. Half attempts to do other parts that I can’t do by myself. Compared to a piano, bass, rhythm and lead guitar parts all together.
Sorry I didn’t do vocals but many Beatle songs are sung by Paul. His vocal is way out of my range and on many renditions I do, I just don’t sing them as it just don’t sound right. Even a octave lower.
What I do is certainly lacking in comparison to the real song, that’s for sure.
But that’s why I’m here, to learn to play better, so any comments are much appreciated for sure.

Thanks for that comment. The amp is a Supro Blues King 12. Which I like. I’ve been playing it a bit louder lately. Amps imho do sound and respond different when turned up a bit.
What I don’t like tone wise, is that darn telephone recording (lo-fi). But alas, apparently, a telephone video is where I’m at skill wise for doing a video. At least recording it on a telephone makes it a easy upload to youtube.
Side note about the youtube. What I did was noted by youtube as copy write, but permission granted. I found it interesting that youtube recognized the song I did. I made no notes on youtube as to what I’d done.

Thanks for the listen SILVIA and kind words.

Thanks for the listen Jennifer. And you and me both (and many others) are huge Beatle fans. Wish you were here to sing. The music I do really needs the vocals which I think I do so poorly at that I just didn’t (don’t) do the vocal part.
Funny about the page turning seamlessly. Page turning really is a drag. It’s interrupting at the very least. Worse yet, that song is five pages long, so I needed to turn the page again. Instead, I wrote down the last page of chords freehand and just kinda fake the end of the song.
Thanks for the kind words. And your right too. Abbey Road is imho too, is a real favorite album to listen to. It just flows. I’ve yet to grow tired of it and I’ve been listening to it since it’s release. That’s a long time ago and many many times listening to it. Really great music for sure.


Hey Jim, that sounded good. Not one of the Beatles catalogue I know but a well played song and enjoyable listen.

Hi Jim,

that was an enjoyable listen. What I liked best was the bridge part, very well played. :clap:

Great how you kept your cool while turning the page. Reminded me of my piano lessons in the past, where I had to this, too. You’re so right, it is a drag. One of the draw-backs of music printed in books. But on the other hand - at least for me - it increased the speed I learned to play the pieces from memory a lot. :smiley:

Thanks for sharing.

Well played Jim, it’s a terrific song for sure and you did it justice.

You’ve got to remember that we’re really only posting here to get feedback on technique. Most people will listen back on a phone or tablet so your tone isn’t really an issue.

I like that you record it how you play, it makes it real. And a cool way to spend the early mornings. I know the song, but not to play. A very enjoyable watch, you play it very well.

@jkahn, thanks for the listen and kind words.
@Lisa_S, thanks for the listen and kind words.
Yep, that bridge part made me crazy figuring out how I wanted to play it. Like years of playing it w/o finding what I wanted. Since I learned this from a book. The chords were interpreted as mostly open type chords. + the chords really jump around.
Whats written for that break is
C, D, Eb7, G, C, A7, Eb, C7, Gb, Eb7 A. That sequence made me crazy. Deciding to play them as barre chords, going up the neck, was game changing for me on that break.

@sairfingers Thanks for the listen and kind words.

Very good point Gordon. I’m gonna keep this in mind. It really is about the feedback a person gets more so than the tones I get. Thanks for this insight.

@SusanW , Thanks for the listen and kind words.

Cool. Yep, that’s as real as it gets for me. Mistakes and all. :wink:
That video is likely the first time I’ve just put here exactly what I normally play and how I play it. A first take. I will give the telephone that for a plus. There’s no editing at all when ya do it that way. You get what you get. Agreed. It’s very “real”.

:slight_smile: Me personally, I generally find I play my best early in the morning. +, since my wife has already gone to work. I ‘can’, if I want, turn it up a little extra w/o consiqueces. :wink:

Thanks for all the kind words and encouragement folks.


Nicely played Jim, I enjoyed the listen, thanks for sharing. I might take a crack at this myself after hearing your effort. You had me singing along and your timing was pretty good. Well done.

Go for it Mal.
It really is a fun song imho.
Have fun with it.
Thanks for the listen and kind words.

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A really good choice. I had almost forgotten about this Beatles song. Thank you for the memory. Good job.

Sounded sweet Jim.
Dont know this Beatles song but enjoyed it.

Hey Jim,
Nice job… I bet the cat was happy? Ha, could not resist that. Very recognizable and well played. Enjoyed it and nice choice of a song to do!

Sounds like you put a lot of work into this one and it paid off!

All the best,