You Shook Me All Night Long [1/3] by AC/DC Lesson

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Justin, please consider reteaching this song. First, let me say you are the best online instructor period. The information you provide for FREE is amazing. I have purchased a few things to try a pay a bit back. You’re teaching style today vs when you recorded the Shook Me All Night Long video is enormously better. Honestly, I would not attempt the older version, too much left to interpret for someone just trying to fumble their way along. You, Sir, have improved SO much it is hard to explain. Love the song, please consider a redo it possible! All the Best!

I must admit that for the first 5 minutes I did nothing but smile - I loved the hum of the guitar/ amp - it gave me goosebumps - this is the sound we all know and love and is part of what we love about guitar music.