You Took The Time

A song for true friends who accept you for what you are. And for those lucky enough to be friends with themselves.

(Five minutes after creating this original post without a video, a female blackbird flew into my window and was stunned for a while, so she unwittingly became content for a different kind of birdsong)

You took the time

Some people tryna change me, Don’t know who I am,
Everyday with their preaching I don’t fit with the plan.
Im startin to believe in, Starting to understand
Just who I am. So I’m gonna be leaving
But I’m gonna be staying my own man

But you, you took the time
The time for to find
To find what’s behind,
behind all the lines

This road might be breezy
I’m hoping my seas might be calm
I’s never searching for easy
Drawing a line my sand
And should you walk with me
I’ll shake your hand
And find out what a friend really means
is a means to an end


Dom, I have to be honest. This is a jewel :gem: I absolutely love it. Might be your best one yet in my opinion.

I have been thinking a lot about the term “friend” in the last months, and about how this term means different things to different people.

Accordingly this resonated with me deeply. Don’t know how you do it :blush:

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Wow Dom ! You never disappoint. Really great lyrics and your voice is perfect to deliver the lyrics you write. Loved every second of that!

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Thanks very much Eddie. Hope you and your family are doing well.

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Thank you Nicole. I can’t take much credit. It wasn’t much of a creative journey. I just sat down yesterday for 5 minutes and it came out. I heard the melody in my head. Grabbed the guitar, Pressed record on the phone, and the lyrics came out as I was playing.

If only it was like this all the time.


Hi Dom,

wow, that one flashed me! Very impressive, but also and even more so: touching and moving. Going right from my ear to my heart. Love the sentiment in it and the atmosphere it has. There are some lovely sounds with some special chord voicings. Your voice is sitting on top and fits so well, there were some vocal embellishments I really liked! Thanks for sharing this pearl! :clap:

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:star_struck: :heart: :+1: :pray: Beautiful!.

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Thank you for a lovely message. I didn’t do too many runs at it. Maybe three. This one felt good so I left it at that.

I like it

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All good here Dom and thanks for the wishes! Have not had much time for the forum or playing guitar these past couple of months as I have been renovating an old house that we just moved into. Going to slowly get myself back into it once we are settled in. Hope you are doing well also!

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Lucky man Eddie. It’s always been a dream of mine. One day maybe.

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Really cool Dom! I get a Bob Dylan - 60’s folk vibe in a good, relaxing way & left the video with a smile on my face… lovely work that conveys emotion! Also cool to create your own songs& style! Thank you! :smile:


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Dom, that was just brilliant. I love your work. For me you’ve not done one song that I’ve thought, yeah, that was just okay. I’ve enjoyed everything you’ve put out there.

Glad to see the blackbird was okay. You don’t normally get that close to them, what lovely colouring.

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Really very kind. I’m glad you enjoyed it :blush:

Thank you Stefan. A beautiful bird. The male one follow me around the garden as I work which is pretty cool. I do like annoying them with YouTube recordings of other males calling though. :grin:

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