Your Good Life

Another ‘baby’ delivered. An apt metaphor as the gestation period for my originals is usually somewhere between human and elephantine. An ironic title as I’ve not been living my good life in some respects over the last few months, specifically in matters musical. But light at the end of the tunnel allowed me to finally play the last parts and finish this off.

Big big thanks and appreciation to my production mentor, @LBro! His feedback was invaluable, saving my bacon more than once.

I hope you enjoy it.


Verse 1: Songbird in a gilt cage / Sings a sweet sweet song / Flaps her wings, flies nowhere / Songbird in a gilt cage

Verse 2: Hamster in a kid’s room / Chirps contently / Spins his wheel, runs nowhere / Hamster in a kid’s room

Chorus: Don’t let your life get, don’t let your life get clubbed into dank submission

Verse 3: Hot shot in a top job / Loves to wheel ‘n deal / Climbs a ladder, goes nowhere / Hot shot in a top job

Bridge: Live your dream / Live you joy / Hear your muse / Fight your fear / Live your hope / Live your love / See your path / Walk your way

Finally, for those that like a little more detail.

The images for the slideshow were created using After seeing what @TheMadman_tobyjenner has produced I thought I’d try my hand. Lots of fun and I think it worked out OK, just don’t look too closely :laughing: or maybe can just claim a surrealistic influence. The site offers a means to earn credits needed to generate images daily and a number ways to earn a substantial number of credits when first signing up. So this was produced free. Limit of credits and no desire to refine and work each image means these are the result of limited work on the text prompts used to generate the image. Now will I have a dabble once a week. I may as it is fun.

While on the visual side. I produced and rendered the video in Reaper. Certainly not the tool I’d recommend for serious video editing and use of lots of effects. But for a basic visual accompaniment to a song upload, it works fine. The text is a bit finicky by comparison to a video editor, but the ability to create the slide show using the song structure without having to listen, stop and start more than offset that.

If anybody else tries something similar and gets some weird stuttering in the mp4, I found dropping the FPS to 25 and upping the kb/s to 10000 sorted it. Yup, rookie error, I changed both parameters together so no idea which made the difference. Of course no actual video in this video. If using video then match the FPS of the source.

And to the important bit, the music.

All done in Reaper as I said. The drums are Easy Drummer 2 using preset grooves. The bass is Modobass. The bass parts are based on preset grooves that I modified. Guitar parts all played on my PRS. Lots of layering, both double-tracking ie same part played the same way and multi-tracking ie same or similar parts played differently, either chord voicings or pickup selection. Vocal was double-tracked throughout, with different treatment using CLA Vocals on each version.

This was probably the most challenging of my original song projects (don’t infer this to mean I have done many). The chorus was a struggle to come up with chords and a rhythmic feel. The flow between parts didn’t come naturally. So whatever you may think, I am glad to have this one done.

Now I can turn my attention back to practice and playing songs :smile:


Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge in this post and the tips on Nightcafe. Thanks to @TheMadman_tobyjenner for planting the seed, as well!

I found your creation interesting all around. A work of art comes to mind mate. I was glad to have a small part in it and thanks for the opportunity in so doing! Your play is good in much of this offering. I think your drums have come a long way and are the best you have ever done. The vocals have an interesting quality and fit the song well. The bass is plus material too. I suspect you had far north of 15 hours in this, for those that care? Take a bow mate, you hit it out of the park on this one!

All the best as you turn the page to your next chapter,

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Sounded really good, David :slightly_smiling_face: Lacking both musical and technical understanding, but having listened to your song several times, I’m freely associating…

There is some kind of 80s vibe going on in your song… and there was a slight taste of postpunk, which gives your song an interesting flavour. In general the song sounds - and the lyrics are - nicely dark. Still, I like how the solo at the end made it sound a bit more bright.

I particularly liked bridge part and thought that the quite dominant bass did fit really well to the song in general :slightly_smiling_face:

Your vox sounded great and somehow reminded me a bit of Elvis Costello (hope you take this as a compliment), which also located the song in the eighties in my mind. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well worth waiting for Mr P, enjoyed that little romp with a twist of darkness. Some nice singing and playing on your part but love the way the based popped on this one. The video was very well crafted and dovetailed nicely with the lyrics. Now just be careful down the rabbit warren, its getting crowded. :rofl:

Good to see you back and creating. :+1:


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The master at work!! Sounded great on the phone and even better on the cans. It definitely had that eighties feel to it and being an eighties child I love the music from that decade. The drums sounded superb and that bass was killer. Guitar and vocals were on point. Enjoyed that lead at the end of the song. All the ingredients were mixed and mastered very well. Very nice work on the art front too. You can be very proud of that original. Inspirational production.


That was really really good David, James is speaking my mind on all points. I have no technical understanding of your work…if you ask me what is it that catched my ear the most I will say the singing, oh I beg you pardon my english fails me…you sung in a way that the meaning of the lyrics was very well expressed… It’s very inspirational David…as said I find myself echoing @Socio in all. James you have this gift to deliver short and meaningful comments with a very effective use of the english language :blush:


New wave is not dead !
This song is the proof

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Thank you all for taking time to listen and reply.

@LBro More than a small part, LBro, and there is the cummulative effect of all the attention you have given me, that includes opportunity to offer you feedback as that extra pair of ears.

I am not one to keep a record of time spent (doing anything). But you are right, far north of 15 hours, when I think of all the steps and work from the first idea to the finished production. But I do enjoy all the hours spent and publishing is ever so fulfilling.

@JokuMuu You are the first and not the last to mention an 80s vibe, Nicole. I certainly wasn’t aiming for that, a happy accident. I’ve not listened to much Elvis Costello but enough to accept the comment as a generous compliment.

@TheMadman_tobyjenner Modobass is a winner, Toby. In time I think I should get the full license, unlock more of the magic. We shall see with NightCafe, certainly enjoyed the experience to produce this slideshow. So I am sure I’ll dabble some more. For now, farming credits. Some pretty cool music related images to enjoy.

@Socio I think more apprentice than master, James, but appreciate the sentiment. I’ll take your (and the rest) word on the 80s vibe. My wife also liked the bass and thought it didn’t feature prominently enough :joy:

@SILVIA Nothing wrong with your comments, Silvia, you always get your point across. And technical understanding is not important, how you experience the song, what you like (or don’t), that’s really all the matters.

@MacOneill Never really got into new wave, Deborah, maybe I was missing out when I was listening more to the music of the 60s and 70s as a high schooler in the 80s.


Some really good creativity with both the song and video, a lot of hours must have been spent. Lyrics were a bit dark but the bridge lyrics and the solo at the end lifted the mood.

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Well done David! :clap: :clap:

I really enjoyed that. It had a really nice groove to it and I found myself nodding my head and tapping my foot along to it while listening. I enjoyed watching the images as well.

Love your lyrics too. As someone who is just starting to dip their toe into the original music waters, I have found a new appreciation for what it takes to write lyrics. It has been really inspiring for me to see what others have come up with.

Thank you for sharing!

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The Good :smiley: :
Well, it’s been a while since you shared an original with us, David, and the ‘elephantine gestation’ was truly worth the wait. I tip my hat to anyone who shares their songwriting efforts, especially at the early stages of their ‘career’
You’ve come a long way, baby! (I’ll omit the over-used pic this time :wink:).
For me, the most notable improvements in your production are the huge sounding bass and drums, the overall balance in the mix with the vox and guitars (although I’d prefer the vocals a tad louder). Also, the singing was on point. Not a duff/wobbly note to be heard. I don’t think the CLA offers autotune, so that is fab progress from your early days when you weren’t ‘that bothered’ about pitch. Bravo! :sunglasses:
What follows is not neither bad nor ugly but could be described as the musings of a lowly dung beetle attempting to harvest all the goodness from this pachyderm wonder-birth. A few comments above allude to an 80s sound/feel and I get where they’re coming from. I would go further and say this is punk at its finest. Punk in the sense of- “just get off your backside and do it yourself”. All of it.
Early punk songs often had a simple chord progression and simple singing/shouting along the lines of that progression. I might be mistaken, but the melody of the song (well in the verses anyway) sounds like it is the same as the chord progression itself. I wonder if the song would sound more interesting if you freed yourself from sticking largely to singing the root notes and starting the vocals with the first note of each bar. You have the ability, as you are able to do precisely that with your improvisations. Just a thought.
It’s easier said than done, and I inevitably end up ‘borrowing’ from songs I like whenever I attempt it :rofl: (btw. I am a big fan of punk)
Back to the good. I admire your willingness to launch yourself into new endeavours, whether that’s learning guitar, singing, songwriting, production, and now digital art on top of it all. All new skills and all improving.
Wishing you much fun-filled exploration in a gout-free 2024 :smiley:

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Good work David. Clearly lots of effort went in and a polished production as a result.

Love the theme - being trapped but in a good situation is still trapped. Something I’ve felt and I’m sure many others have.

Thought I’d comment on the drums and provide some advice. The rhythm and drums are the parts of songs I listen to automatically (still) and then have to force my brain to listen to the chords. I reckon at times the fills are too busy and take away from the song. I’d noticed with EZD3 its propensity to do mega-fills. As if its launching into a drum solo. Probably just a taste thing, but keeping fills short, sometimes just a couple of hits, can keep the rhythm interesting while not overpowering the song.


That was a most enjoyable listen, David! :clap:

The lyrics were meaningful and the message delivered in a great way. It’s a perfect fit between message and mood of the tune for me. That chorus will remain in my brain for the next hours, it is quite catchy (in a very good way, not that way that drives you insane and wanna cut off your ears :rofl:). So in the final result one could not guess it was a tough fight to get that one out, it sounded kind of “natural” to me. :slight_smile:

Production wise I can’t offer more than applause, it sounds round and polished and way beyond my skill level to offer any substantial feedback on that. I liked the video, too. These AI Art seems to be something, but I’d rather not enter that :rabbit: :hole: for now. :sweat_smile:

While I’m going to think about what an ugly comment might look like for the remaining evening, all I want to wrap that comment up with: That delivery was well worth the wait! :smiley:

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Terrific stuff David and well beyond me to critique in any useful way. Yes I agree with the others, definitely 80s in style and feel. Nik Kershaw perhaps?
I’m very impressed with your production skills on this one David. Amazing to think you’ve created all this. Wow.

A guitar solo in the middle of the song in addition to the one at the end would be my only suggestion.

Well done my friend.

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Wow that was great!! Kudos! Something i need to strive for!

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That was a cracking song David. The guitar sounded great and nice job on the vocals too. Nice original as well. I agree too about the 80’s feel, so thank you for taking me back to my youth.

Great production as well. You’ve done an excellent job with it.

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Good morning, David - and it’s definitely a good morning when starting it with your brand new original :star_struck:.
I echo that it has a 80s feeling. I particularly like the bass part. It was very catchy and suited the song very well - as did your vocals. I also like the theme of the song. I can very much relate to it.
I’m really impressed by the whole production. Although I’ve absolutely no clue, what it needs to produce a song plus video, it’s obvious that a large amount of time, effort, love, and creativity has gone into it. And I’m sure, you’ve learned many new things along the way. That’s so valuable :smiley::+1:.
Very well done and thanks a lot for sharing :hugs:.

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HI David!! Good morning! Pretty amazing stuff to see and hear for a technology phobe like me.

I echo what others have said about the “vibe” of the song being a new wave/80s thang. . .I think the vocal lilt also has a touch of that era. I haven’t seen you previous productions so no basis on which to measure progress there for me. . .but very much enjoyed the listen and the theme of the song is a universal one. . .feeling trapped. . .by whatever. . .good. . .bad. . . really enjoyed the visual side as well!!

Well done. Can I ask (since I am pretty clueless about these things) how long it took you to put it together??

Looks like you had a good time doing it and it’s got real entertainment value. . . great use of technology to get creative!!

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Well well well David,
I saw this posted yesterday, but I decided to sit down and listen to it the next day after watching the tittle…quick glance at the lyrics…this music could sound good… and O boy it did
:clap: :sunglasses: :clap: :sunglasses: :scream: :scream: :scream: :man_bowing: :boom: :bouquet:

The vocals, the complete production :flushed: :sweat: , the video, the playing of the guitar parts…the bass and the drums (I think I have everything now :smiley:)… completely agree that this is your best (large production) work…
Take it easy, but I still want to end with … BIS…BIS…BIS :clap: :clap: :clap:

Greetings and Thanks,

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That’s quite the all around production, David, really enjoyed this. I also liked that you included your ‘inspired by’ notes at the beginning of the video. I checked out the poem, but I haven’t read either of the 2 books. It’s a universal theme though, and I’ve been pondering some similar themes lately, so the lyrics really spoke to me. I was also very impressed with the music, in particular the bass. Overall a timely and creative and well written / produced song. :slightly_smiling_face:

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