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Can someone please send me a photo of a sheet of songbook ?
I dont exactly get how it is supposed to be . Do i write the chords ? The lyrics ? And what about the rythm ? And if i dont want to sing ?
Please guide me dear friends !

I too have a question about a personal song book. I really like the idea, and have marked the songs from the lessons that I might like to print out, but I can’t find where to print the lyrics! Is there a way, or do I need to type them out myself from the lessons? I’m up to module 6 so have about 11-12 songs so far.
(perhaps I need to get them off the web?)

Thanks for the help.

Hi Manos, for me i google the lyrics of the song i wanna play. There’s this app called Ultimate guitar, it has tabs for any song u would wanna play. So i would start there.

Hi Madie, u can google the lyrics to the song u wanna play

Hi @Manos98
I usually create my own in a Word document or similar. Hand written versions are perfectly good too. Here are two approaches to a simple beginner song. Chords first with an indication of repeats etc. Then chords above lyrics. Note that I have not made an attempt to line up the lyric with any corresponding chord change. You can do this - it takes a little more time.


Hope that helps.

Cheers :smiley:

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If you want to see some examples of very old, hand-written song sheets, check this post in which I share photos of some printed on an old duplicator machine that I have had since the mid 1970s.

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Justin has sheets available under TOOLS. You go there and print Manuscript or TAB sheets, he has a list of what is there. For my songbook, I use the manuscript with 4 bars per line. As Justin is teaching a song, I mark each chord change above each bar. If the verse is 8 bars and I have only marked 6 I know I messed up somewhere.
I use the TAB sheet for the RIFF he is teaching. I include the numbers on each string and put the timing under the lines.
Since you mentioned not singing, same here, I thought this was more likely what you were looking for. Hope this helps. :grinning: :grinning:

I only write a basic chord chart (like part 1 of @Richard_close2u s example) split into Intro, verse, chorus, bridge etc. (but only if those sections differ from each other)

I may include some notes at the bottom such as a preferred strumming pattern, but other than that I try to keep it very minimal.