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Can someone please send me a photo of a sheet of songbook ?
I dont exactly get how it is supposed to be . Do i write the chords ? The lyrics ? And what about the rythm ? And if i dont want to sing ?
Please guide me dear friends !

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I too have a question about a personal song book. I really like the idea, and have marked the songs from the lessons that I might like to print out, but I can’t find where to print the lyrics! Is there a way, or do I need to type them out myself from the lessons? I’m up to module 6 so have about 11-12 songs so far.
(perhaps I need to get them off the web?)

Thanks for the help.

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Hi Manos, for me i google the lyrics of the song i wanna play. There’s this app called Ultimate guitar, it has tabs for any song u would wanna play. So i would start there.

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Hi Madie, u can google the lyrics to the song u wanna play

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Hi @Manos98
I usually create my own in a Word document or similar. Hand written versions are perfectly good too. Here are two approaches to a simple beginner song. Chords first with an indication of repeats etc. Then chords above lyrics. Note that I have not made an attempt to line up the lyric with any corresponding chord change. You can do this - it takes a little more time.


Hope that helps.

Cheers :smiley:

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If you want to see some examples of very old, hand-written song sheets, check this post in which I share photos of some printed on an old duplicator machine that I have had since the mid 1970s.

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Justin has sheets available under TOOLS. You go there and print Manuscript or TAB sheets, he has a list of what is there. For my songbook, I use the manuscript with 4 bars per line. As Justin is teaching a song, I mark each chord change above each bar. If the verse is 8 bars and I have only marked 6 I know I messed up somewhere.
I use the TAB sheet for the RIFF he is teaching. I include the numbers on each string and put the timing under the lines.
Since you mentioned not singing, same here, I thought this was more likely what you were looking for. Hope this helps. :grinning: :grinning:


I only write a basic chord chart (like part 1 of @Richard_close2u s example) split into Intro, verse, chorus, bridge etc. (but only if those sections differ from each other)

I may include some notes at the bottom such as a preferred strumming pattern, but other than that I try to keep it very minimal.

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At this point I still cannot play any songs why would I need a songbook

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Alexandru …

That right there is something I implore you to address immediately.
Learn songs, learn songs, learn songs.

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

Module 5

All 112 Grade 1 songs


I should’ve just chosen to learn piano. This is impossible. I’ve never had to learn something this hard before. People who say guitar is easy are just …
I keep doing so well on the practice exercises but I cannot play any single song. Some people recommended I play something I actually like instead of playing these songs just cuz they’re easy. I chose Casimir Pulaski Day by Sufjan Stevens which is listed as absolute beginner on ultimate guitar. Guess what? It’s still impossible to play. I was just switching between Am and D and now that I’ve learned C it’s even worse. And even if I got the hang of just switching between Am and D it still sounds awful and it’s impossible to get the chord to sound right while keeping the rhythm and not stopping. My only option is not to look while changing and concentrate on strumming but then it sounds awful. Now with the C chord I cannot switch between anything and it’s incredibly overwhelming. And these exercises feel absolutely pointless. I got 49 changes between Em and C on my first practice session after learning C and Justin recommends at least 30 and I get 50 first try and I still can’t switch properly?? Will I need 100 perfect changes before any song is playable? Honestly so done I think my time is spent better somewhere else. I just wanted a cool hobby but this has been costly both financially and of my time.

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We can help. Justin makes it structured and simple to follow a learning path … but you’re right about hitting frustration and finding it difficult. Everybody does.
If you want a comparison go watch Justin learn to play left-handed in the Nitsuj videos.

I disagree with the labelling of that song as absolute beginner. Nevertheless is can be a Grade 1 song if simplified in the strumming and rhythm elements.
I want you to continue playing. I want to help.
So I have created an mp3 audio track and pdf to listen to and play along with.
Notice - the capo is marked as being at fret 1 - just like the ultimate guitar version is.

I have done it at four levels of accessibility.
One strum per bar.
two strums per bar.
Four strums per bar.
Bass note-strum twice per bar.

It is at a reduced tempo too.

Listen, follow the TAB and chords, try to play along. Do it slowly. Only when you have one level going well should you move to the next level.

The reason I say it is not an absolute beginner song is that it has C and G chords in it.

Making chord changes in chord progressions in songs is more challenging than doing one minute changes and stand alone exercises. That is why the recommendation is to learn two and three chord songs with A, D, E to begin with, then one or other of Am and Em and then, after a while and learning a good number of songs, progressing to songs with Dm, C and G.

No, absolutely not.
But your frustration is very evident. Try to lift the weight of expectation from yourself and know that at first, when you are learning and trying to play songs, you will be playing the most basic of parts that aren’t really a match for what the actual musicians play on the records. That is how it is. But the progress can be rapid.
For more inspiration, and to know you’re not alone in the struggle, check how other beginner students following Justin’s course are doing here:

I hope that helps.


EDIT: Never mind - now it’s working.

Good advice, as usual, Richard.

However, I don’t see a link to this mp3 file. Also, the images are not displaying for me.

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Not impossible. It just takes dedication, practice and perseverance to achieve. The harder you find learning it, the more rewarding it will be. Just follow the progressive steps laid out by Justin and Richard.

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I really really appreciate your message and the effort you’ve put into helping me but this isn’t for me. I’ve officially decided to give up. It’s too frustrating for me and it’s taking a huge toll on me. The fact that I’ve hit the first riff I cannot play (Come As You Are) is probably my last straw. I know it by heart and it’s too fast. My E string also sounds awful for some reason, but I’m probably only saying that because it’s easier to blame the guitar than myself. Practicing for guitar has become the worst part of my day. If after hours of watching and hours of practicing I cannot play even a remotely listenable to song this just isn’t for me and it’s not worth it. I’ve also started school today and my time will be better spent towards that. I’m probably going to sell my guitar and if not I might come back to it someday, but until then farewell.


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