Your Ultimate Guide to Reverb

Learn all about Reverb and its different types: Spring, Pre-Delay, Hall... all of them! Understand when and how to use each one and the best option for you.

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This is one of the best reverb breakdowns I’ve encountered thanks Justin! Loving the series on tone and gear, can’t wait for the one on delay effects! Lovin’ the deep dive format too, no need to hurry :smiley:

I’ve been relying on the built-in reverb on my Fender Frontman App, but only now I see what’s really out there in term of possibilities! I’m a sucker for mini pedals, so I’m considering getting the TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2 Mini / HOF reverb. Curious if anyone has experience with this or the classic model.

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Yesterday I got a Fender Hammertone reverb pedal. I think this video was made before the Hammertone series was available. The reverb pedal is reasonably priced and sounds great. I can recommend them.

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Reverb is what makes a good acoustic guitar recording incredible. I do not understand the importance of pedals (guitar tone in general) until I learn about plugins. Good mixing techniques are what I strive to learn more about, so that people would want to listen to the beautiful guitar piece, over and over.

Great video length and depth. Liked hearing the different pedals, also liked your passion for reverb :slight_smile:

I think it’s time for a Justin review of the Boss RV200!