YouTube algorithm needs work

I use YouTube videos to play along with songs. The songs I play along to are classic rock, blues, some country, and a little bluegrass.

As most of you know, fairly recently they started putting ads before every video unless you pay for ad-free. So, given that they can clearly track what videos I use, you’d think they’d customize the ads to me. But no, I keep getting ads for the latest albums by current pop stars; music I’d never listen to. Some of the artists I’ve never heard of, some I barely recognize. Like today one was for a new album by Doja Cat.

If they’re going to force me to watch ads, at least make them for something I might be interested in.

Ads on youtube? I’d forgotten about those. You should get AdBlock or similar.

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At least you get music adds, I only get adds about car accessories (I couldn’t care less about the way my car looks) and programs to quit smoking (never smoked).

Off topic, that reminded me of a joke:

slightly rude joke

“Do you smoke after making love?”

“I don’t know, I never looked”

Regarding YouTube, I would say that all of the “targetted” ads always suck, on just about every platform. For instance, I have often purchased stuff on Amazon, and then for weeks after had “targetted” ads for the thing I already bought popping up everywhere.

I think the only time they’ve been effective is on Facebook when used for illegal political campaging (cough Cambridge Analytica).




I’m actually happy about the fact that the ads I see aren’t directly related to my interests. This means that google doesn’t have a lot of information about my browsing habits. I prefer some privacy. Being provided with many ads in general is frustrating, yes, but I’m not concerned about the fact that I see completely irrelevant ads. Not sure if that makes sense…


I always thought this was funny, too.

If I just bought a water filter for my specific refrigerator (and Amazon has data that I always have bought that filter), why advertise another filter immediately, especially for ones that wont fit my fridge?

I also get a lot of adds to buy guitars and associated equipment. I wonder why🤔?

What does worry me though, are the ones not linked to browsing. I was driving in the mountains with my phone on its magnetic dash mount (iPhone). On the way up, I drove past a Tesla Cybertruck. Later I was talking to some friends in the car as we went to the ski hill and was commenting on how ugly and imposing I thought the Cybertruck looked. Within seconds I got a text (!) advertising the Cybertruck and how awesome it was. Then for weeks kept getting cybertruck adds everywhere. Note, I did not search or physically enter anything about this into my phone.

Apparently they listen, but don’t actually hear what you are saying, because I was not saying good things about it.

Maybe it doesn’t need tuning at all, perhaps they’re trying to drive you towards premium!

Personally I do pay for YouTube premium and have no issues about doing so. I watch plenty on it across multiple devices and don’t subscribe to other streaming platforms. It also includes music so I don’t need a separate subscription to Apple Music or Spotify


Same here, I watch by the hour, so worth it for me.

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I used to have an adblocker, but YT detected it and wouldn’t show videos if it was not switched off. What do you use? :thinking:

I use AdBlock. When youtube got upset about that, I disabled it and got uBlock, which worked. A few days after that I heard that AdBlock released a new version that youtube can’t block. In the end, I have both AdBlock and uBlock activated, I’m not sure which one is actually blocking the ads, probably both.

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Ad blockers aren’t particularly common for large screen TVs either! Sure i can connect my laptop to my TV but that’s just a faff I can do without. I watch more YouTube than anything else so I’d rather just pay and have the best experience

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Cheers fot that :smiley:
Just checked and it seems to be working effectively again.
I was a bit disappointed that my ‘free’ premium service was no longer available, but thought fair enough :rofl:
While I’m getting free tech advice, any decent free adblockers for android phones out there? :rofl:

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Sure :smiley:
I use the “NewPipe” app on my android phone, and installed it via the F-Droid store. No ads, no tracking, background playing, and other features. Google unfortunately announced that they might block this app in the future, but at the moment it still works perfectly for me.


If you don’t want to install yet an other app it is also possible to add the uBlock Origin extension to your mobile Firefox. Unlike Chrome on Android, Firefox supports extensions. I have not tested this solution though, but I don’t see why it shouldn’t work.

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Thanks for the heads-up. I had my AdBlock turned off, because as brianlarsen said, YouTube wouldn’t play unless I disabled it. I’ll turn it back on and see if it’s workable now.

Woohoo! AdBlock Plus worked perfectly on YouTube for this afternoon’s guitar session. Thanks!


Any idea if there is an Adblock or an equivalent when watching YouTube on a SmartTV (mine happens to be an LG)?

Hey, who told a forum lady not so long ago that wanting everything for free and without advertisements is not the right way :face_with_raised_eyebrow:… just pay that tenner (that’s what YouTube music costs here) and all your irritations are over …

Now let’s find something for difficult Dutch people ey … :roll_eyes:

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I’m afraid my memory cells are denying access to that particular comment (so a link would be helpful :pray:), but my general attitude is- I am happy to make use of ‘free’ items in general, but find it weird when people complain about the quality/functionality of that ‘free’ service. This happens eg with the Justinguitar website/forum, YouTube, social media platforms etc…
I thought you were busy watching a stone that stopped rolling? :thinking:

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Ooo sorry no… 3/4 month ago and

In this context it looks a bit better and the other thing will certainly be said in that feel as well…so of the hook you are… :sweat_smile:

:rofl: :joy: :rofl:

Unfortunately it was a short conversation about the upcoming documentary and a total waste of my time…although I just kept chatting here…that’s going to stop for a while because it almost gives me a rough voice :roll_eyes:

See that you have posted another song, I will listen to it later this afternoon or tomorrow :sunglasses:


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Might have been about folk complaining they can’t use Don Henley’s music for free anymore?

Gonna need Google Translate for that. This’ll be like a game of Chinese whispers :rofl:
I’ll stop typing and start playing now :sunglasses: