YouTube Copyright Claims - Are they legit ? Watch this

This hit my feed this evening, as I am a little partial to the Paul Davids channel and especially his “sexy” chords, my vernacular. Anyway, this kind of synced in with @eric.lennon Mr Lennon’s low profile, don’t mention the artist or song title intro to his EAGLES song at the last OM !! There I said it :scream:
Seems there may be more to this than meets the eye. Yep The Eagles corporate might will take you out no questions asked but for all those other infringements, dig a little deeper.

I’ll add that I have no desire on monetizing the Madman’s channel and am ecstatic when folks rock up to take a listen. But interesting things going on and scams a plenty it would seem.



That’s nuts! A veritable Wild West out there it seems :cowboy_hat_face: :exploding_head:
Paul Davids is great eh?! Shame he has to waste his time with all that bs though… :confounded:

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Yeah, such a waste of time and also it must be really stressful for those youtubers since you risk losing your channel (and full time job) everytime.


Youtube just dont care


It was when I got a copyright claim for Greensleeves, which is what, 500 years old? I realised the system was :poop:


I would be tempted to counterclaim. In fact, I wonder if this would be an effective strategy against a lot of these fraudulent copyright claims.




It does not matter about which technology or regulations are devised for anything it has always been the case that people with malicious intent will find ways to use it for their own good at the expense of others and I believe it will always be that way unfortunately.

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Another case for finding your own voice on the instrument by writing your own riffs, jams and songs. Get the skills under your fingers and then play your own music your way. Change things up enough on your covers and you may avoid the dreaded youtube claim/strike.

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Well, that’s where brilliant lawyer who is on your side comes in =)

Yeah that is a problem as we get successful and famous, some people just got jealous and try to make you fail lol

To me a copyright claim against a video that has less than 5k views or so is just bonkers… what’s the actual point?

I did a few times since I have nothing to loose and managed to get it through, but again I have nothing to loose really if channel goes tango down. Can’t blame those popular guys about being anxious about it

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But then how do you monitor youtube and become the one raising the copyright claims against those stealing your riffs? :joy:

Haha! The same way that I monitor my patio furniture. Not at all.

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Out of curiosity. Does this apply to all music performed by others on YT?
Or is it certaint band/artists that do this.
Most artist have covers, many have lots of covers.
Is it the artists themselfes that has commed up with this?
many songs are far «bigger» than the artist itself and «lives its own life»
just can not imagine Mr. Dave Grohl for example has any issues with people playing his stuff on YT…

Amen, Brother! :pray:
Having said that, I did have a ‘takedown/ strike one’ by the legal eagles’ hotel management :laughing:

I recently saw a video by Mary Spender where she explained that she’d got a copyright claim against her for doing one of her own songs!


Crikey! Mine must have been a pretty piss poor version, as I got nothing. :joy: Well done JK :+1:


lol, perhaps the copyright claim protest I filed in YouTube freed everyone’s green sleeves forever?