You've Got To Be Carefully Taught, 1949 Rodgers and Hammerstein

“You’ve Got to Be Carefully Taught” is a show tune from the 1949 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical South Pacific.

South Pacific received scrutiny for its commentary regarding relationships between different races and ethnic groups. In particular, “You’ve Got to Be Carefully Taught” was subject to widespread criticism, judged by some to be too controversial or downright inappropriate for the musical stage. Sung by the character Lieutenant Cable, the song is preceded by a line saying racism is “not born in you! It happens after you’re born…”

This version is from James Taylor’s latest album American Standards.


Hi Rene,
Nicely done. Well enjoyed on this end too. Your guitar works is both intricate and well done. Vox is there too.

I have a few observations and comments on the mix and recording. I think you have the guitar off center left and the vox off center right. That works but maybe another way to try this would be to dual track the guitars left and right a bit. You play well enough you could easily dual track those parts. Then lay your vox in the center. Your recording will be full and richer I think. You could still do a “live” type recording with video and simply add in the dual tracked part later. Of course you may not want to go down the path and that is fine.

Also on your vox, I am getting a fair amount of plosives. The “Ts”, some “Gs” and more are a tad harsh on plosives. You already have a pop filter, but adding a plosives limiting plug would help a lot I think.

Great job and keep it going till the next post,

That was a truly great cover of this fantastic showtune. Very well done! I also loved your 2-finger fingerpicking style. I haven’t thought of attempting that, but seeing you doing it, I most definitely am intrigued.

A new one for me Rene but very enjoyable.

Beautifully sung and played Rene. Loved the South Pacific shirt too!

Love it, Rene :smiley:
Gorgeous protest songs.
Moral morsels, wrapped in wrapped up in sweet sounding strings, dipped in honey voice. Mmmmm :yum:

You did great

Rene, a great rendition of a lovely song with a timely message that I haven’t heard in many years. The last time I heard this song I was in a university production of South Pacific back in 1977. I had to watch twice, the first time focusing on your left hand and then on your right hand picking technique after reading through the posted responses. I’m a James Taylor fan, but haven’t gotten his recent standards album, but your great performance will force me to remedy that oversight :grinning: