Zac Brown - Toes

I have allowed myself to be distracted by learning to build these beautiful instruments that I have fallen in love with, and not been playing them enough. So, I decided I had to get back at it and start practicing & recording them. I have decided to start with some of my ‘Patio Music’ songs because I have been ignoring them the most (OK, and also because they are easier). This was our theme song when we were still experiencing Michigan winters and dreaming of a tropical vacation, or moving to Florida. :wink:

Toes (cover of Zac Brown)


Nice one clueless keep it up!

Sounds pretty groovy to me Mark.

Good to see and hear you playing and singing again, Mark. Thoroughly enjoyed that, 12 string sounded great, digging the vibe and groove.

Very nice Mark, good to hear your 12 string chiming out again!
Must have a binge watch of your build!

Hello Mark,
Sounding really nice your singing and 12string :sunglasses:
(12 string :face_with_peeking_eye:…go away G.A.S)
Greetings Rogier

Thanks Bytron

Thanks Maggie!

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Thanks David, the sound of the 12 string gave it more of an island feel for me.

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Thanks Roger. I know, G.A.S. is part of what got me into learning to build them. I did not build this one, but I did rescue it from a previous partial repair.

Thanks Darrell. Clueless would love to have you stop by! :grinning:

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I have done, impressive so far!


That sounds really good Mark especially loved the thumb strum added a special mellow sound to your performance, good job and I think your rhythm is really good :+1:

That was very tasty Mark. Your 12 string sounded wonderful, along with your vocals.

Thanks Adrian!

Thanks Stefan!

I so liked that, Mark. I think I would have enjoyed the video even if it had been muted: your enthusiasm and your feel for your music shone through and that’s always a big plus for me. Then again, if it had just been audio I would have liked it. Think it’s safe to say you have taken that piece off the patio and out into the world.

Thanks John, that’s very kind.

That was great Mark. I think the thumb strum really suited the song as did your voice.
Well done, your patio sounds like a fine place to sit.