Zager Guitar Owners?

Any Zager guitar owners here? What model do you have? Thoughts, opinions, comments?

I’m researching a (future) purchase and Zager is currently in the top 5.

Thanks for all comments!

I have never played one, but they are not well regarded over on the “Acoustic Guitar Forum”. That may not mean too much, that forum is full of aficionados of fine guitars.

I did look a little into them at one point. What turned me off was that once I touched on their website, they popped up one of “spin for a deal” wheels and after that, months of hard sell spam and deals. Plus a high price for a guitar that they won’t even tell you where they are made.

None of that made me feel good about the business (not enough info to judge the actual guitar).

My understanding, and it could be wrong, is that they are made at the same place a Cort guitars in China. China mass produced guitars like this can be quite good, I understand, but it seemed that are charging more than average for them.

“Easy Play” is presumably achieved by low action and light gauge strings.

Being a researcher of guitar gear, I think for the price, you can do much better. Especially if you are willing to go used.

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Thanks for your comments, my responses are below. Fortunately there’s no hurry to purchase so I can take my time and enjoy the research.

My hearing is less than perfect so I’ll never be among the “acoustic elite”.

I noticed this too about heavy email traffic and non-stop deals…

I reached out to Zager and the short answer is they are made in Indonesia with many parts coming from the USA. The woods are globally sourced, Canada, Africa…

Thanks again.

Don’t sell yourself short, Judge….:wink:
As you learn and play more guitar, you will appreciate more. A nice instrument that you really love is a joy to play.

One of the things I really appreciate about Justin Guitar is the lack of this hard sell. The spinner especially. That is the kind of nonsense you get from Temu. I am not about to buy a guitar from Temu.

Interesting. These overseas manufacturers can be excellent or terrible, I suppose. It is just hard to know what you will end up with. My Pono, which is an excellent guitar (IMO) was made in Indonesia. Nothing wrong with it. The Ukuleles Store (now called Pono Guirar and Ukulele) is based in Hawaii with a well known and respected Luthier. No hard sell.

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Just look into Seagull. Much better made. Better priced. Excellent reputation. I actually sold a Taylor to go into a Godin guitar ( Same company)

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Did a quick look at their website and they have some really nice looking guitars. I’m adding them to my research list. Thanks!

Surprised to see no interest here. Thought Zager was more popular than that. Maybe it’s just a US thing?

Hi @PatFlicker, If you haven’t yet, do a search of the Community using the term Zager you’ll find several folks mentioning that they own one. Perhaps those posts can give you some helpful information.

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Thanks @judi, good idea. I just tried your suggestion, unfortunately it didn’t turn up posts that talk about features, playability, etc…

The ones I saw were basically a couple posts saying they had one (or two) and loved it. This is the consensus I get from other forums. I haven’t yet heard from someone who purchased and didn’t like their Zager.

The closest thing to owner criticism I’ve read is one fellow said he couldn’t tell much difference between his Zager and other guitars.

Maybe go to the Acoustic Guitar Forum and search. There have been several threads there. Mostly negative and I am not sure the guitars are as bad as their reports. When I looked into them, they did not seem special, especially for the cost. For an equal price I personally would rather an Eastman, Godin, Yamaha, Breedlove, or any number of used guitars. I was really put off by their marketing. I could be wrong, but that kind of hard sell makes me suspect their quality based only on personal bias, I admit. I did pick one up to strum in a store and found nothing remarkable, good or bad about it.

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Bummer. I don’t know much about Zager, so have nothing to add. I do have some experience buying guitars I ended up not being happy with. In one case, I love the guitar but it’s too big for me to play well (I’m a Grade 2 beginner, and a physically small woman). In another case, I just never bonded with a perfectly fine instrument. The hard and expensive lessons I’ve learned (they may or may not apply to you!): decide on the body types/sizes that fit your body and any physical limitations; play the instrument before buying; play and compare as many different guitars as is practical before buying. If you can play the Zager, and if you love it more than the others, you’ll probably be happy with it!

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Good insight @judi, thanks for sharing. I bought my first guitar without any knowledge and sort of wandered into an inexpensive dreadnaught. Thankfully my “monkey arms” can accommodate the large size as I really do like the sound of it.

I think Zager offers a 30 day money back trial if you get it and don’t like it, at least in the US.

I’m planning a visit to the local store once stock levels recover from the holiday sales…

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I know what you mean. Once I signed up for their email list, I was hammered with multiple “once in a lifetime” deals. None of the other big names I’ve subscribed to do this. It does make you wonder…

When I opened their website a few years ago, I was greeted by one of those “spin for the discount” things. Like you get when ordering from Temu. Not what made me feel like they sold fine guitars.