Zed - A Middle Aged Punk Rocker Saying Hey!

Hey, how you doing, Zed here!

When I were a wee lad, I desperately wanted an electric guitar. Christmas came around and my parents got me one as a gift, but it wasn’t what I expected… They thought they were helping, bless them, but an acoustic guitar and some rather dull lessons with an older lady who didn’t know what punk rock was, led to me abandoning my learning.

A couple of weeks ago, I treated myself to an electric guitar and now, in my early 40’s, I’m learning to play using Justin’s app.

I’m really enjoying it! I can’t wait to finish work each day and pick it up to practice. I’ll admit to even sneaking in a little play time during the work day too, but shhhhh, don’t tell my boss!

Anyway, I don’t know anyone who plays guitar and wanted to share my progress with someone. I played through my first song tonight on the app and couldn’t stop smiling all the way through as it just kind of clicked. I found myself changing chords without looking at my fingers a few times too. Real sense of achievement. :smiley:

Justin - I don’t know if you read these posts, but if you do, thank you for these amazing lessons. I wish I had a teacher like you, in-person or online, some 30 years ago. Modern technology is wonderful and I look forward to progressing through the stages.


Welcome Zed! You will find plenty of guitar compatriots here, of all styles. I for one, don’t enjoy punk, but what do I know? So cool you are following your passion finally and getting to explore your music! Glad to have you along!

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Welcome fellow middle aged punker :metal:

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Welcome to the Community, Zed. Now you have found loads of folk who’ll be interested in your progress and celebrate with you. Look forward to hearing you playing with attitude.

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Hello and welcome! Love the enthusiasm.

Seems like the 90’s was a tough time for learning guitar, but with YT and the internet we can finally rock like we always wanted :grin:

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Get in there Zed. Well done mate. Crack on and maybe you’ll share some recordings in the future and get the Community pogoing to some good old Punk !


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Hello and welcome Zed. :slight_smile:

Ahhh yes, that first playthrough, what a great feeling that is and it stays with you every time you nail a song.

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Hi Zed, a very warm welcome to the Community.
I too was inspired by the energy and raucousness of punk rock. They are all gone now but I had the original vinyl of the early Sex Pistols, Clash etc. and used to jump around like a madman on my pogo legs in the living room at home when I was a snotty young teenager.
Oft maligned as being ‘unable to play their instruments’ which isn’t quite accurate, there are some great examples of red-hot rhythm guitar in those old tracks. Steve Jones played some rock-solid parts and it is worth looking to learn some of the Sex Pistols songs when you get on to power chords.


Richard you make a very good point it’s only now that I have an inkling of how to play that I realise how good they were despite everyone slagging them off and they’re supposed it inability to play their instruments

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Thanks all for the welcome. :slight_smile:

Hey Zed, good stuff I’ve not used the App but know the feeling!
There’s one or two of us who listen to any genres, to me music is music; I listen and play to anything from classical to rock and listen to all sorts of metal (current fav Nightwish).
I wonder if you’re old enough to remember who Sid Snot was? I reckon that @Richard_close2u and @TheMadman_tobyjenner might :joy:

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Oh you’ve got the bug now then Zed! Congratulations and welcome, there are so many of us on here who tried to learn many years ago and failed, and then found Justin. So welcome to the fold, really looking forward to hearing more of your achievements!

All done in the best possible taste :wink:

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Welcome @ZedExDM !!

Middle aged punk rocker is cool!! :fire:
My self is a middleaged grunge rocker :rofl:

Looking forward to a video were youre killing it with some punk songs :+1:

I’m currently wearing a “Grunge is dead” t-shirt! Punk rock/grunge is my bag really. There’s a lot of crossover :sunglasses:

Hahahaha… i want that shirt too!!!

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Just wait until you get into power chords in grade 2 - you can then play basically any Green Day song!

Or Blitzkrieg Bop!

Yep, looking forward to that!

Another benefit of learning guitar is hearing new music. I can’t get the ‘Boys round here’ tune out of my head at the moment! Maybe I’ve been a redneck all this time and didn’t know it! :rofl:

Welcome @ZedExDM from a fellow ageing punk rocker, although these days I like to play any rock from the 60’s to 90’s. I’m new here myself and only just finding my way around the site.