Zombie (The Cranberries) - With Singing 🙈

Hello there!

Another month and another AVOYP I upload for my personal commitment of recording myself once a month to see my progress :slightly_smiling_face:.

This time I decided to go to something completely different. I bought an acoustic (Álvarez AF66CESHB Artist) for my 2 years guitar-versary and was about time to present it in society :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Another big change and challenge for my self is that this is the first time I sing while playing (and in English!). I don’t sing well and I don’t intend to. I only want not to suck at singing for the occasional jam/open mic/campfire :sweat_smile:.

So here it goes. I hope it doesn’t hurt your ears too much


Bravo Edgar… It’s not easy singing whilst playing but to sing in another language that’s taking it up another level as your brain is also doing the translations in your head… you say you don’t sing well and don’t intend to… I don’t think that’s true… I think you have a good tone to your voice and your singing is going to get better every time you sing whether you intend to or not… you’re new guitar looked and sounded fantastic… for your first acoustic performance… I applaud you mate… well done… so when are you going to treat us to some spanish vocals?

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Good job Edgar, both singing and playing sounded great to me. That new Acoustic sounds and plays excellent too. Singing and playing at the same time is really difficult, and you’re only going to get better and more confident. Can’t wait to see more!

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Nice one Edgar, that was sweet. Love the look and the sound of the new guitar. A very well done on the singing, especially seeing as it’s not in your mother tongue, so another level of complicated added. You had a good tone, so maybe don’t be so harsh on your singing.

I’m looking forward to your next song.

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Excellent job Edgar. That is one of the true great protest songs. I am from Ireland :ireland: so that song always meant something to me. I play this song also but not as good as you so am going to re watch and use your video as a tutorial to help me improve it. Super stuff and very enjoyable! :sunglasses:

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Hi Edgar, Zombie is such a great song and you played it very well. Maybe I’ll give it a try one day, as well :smiley: .
Singing it, makes the song far more difficult. Dolores O’Riordan had such an extraordinary voice, that the best thing one can do, is not to try to copy it. I think, you did it absolutely right by staying true to yourself and sing with YOUR voice - simple, but authentic.
I liked it :grinning: :clap:

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Hey Edgar, sombreros off for having a go at this with acoustic and vox :tophat: :smiley:
I felt you needed a bit of time to settle in and find your groove/pitch with the singing, but were good to go then :smiley:
After having had a go at singing in Spanish for my last AVOYP, my respect has gone up again for all our members whose mother tongue is not English, but who do such a fab job of performing songs in that language :astonished:

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Great stuff Edgar, love the palm muted section :+1:

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Very nice!! Especially if your English is a secondary language that’s impressive! Good job I enjoyed it!!

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Nice Edgar, great job for first time singing, once you got past the started you settled into it. Even though you plan not to sing, this shows you can. Finding the ranges you are comfortable in, and where your voice works, I think takes a lot of practice, so is really hard for beginner singers.

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Hi Edgar, I had to come for a quick listen after you told me about this upload in the lesson today.
Great stuff, good control on the dynamics of the guitar. I’m impressed. Cool and enjoyable.

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Nice work Edgar! :clap: Super impressed by those who can sing and play at the same time - that skill has totally eluded me so far lol :joy:

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Great sound!

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Great one Edgar. Especially liked the dynamic changes with the guitar throughout.

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Thanks to everyone for watching and the encouragement about the singing. With all that encouragement maybe you will have to suffer me again at the mic :microphone::cat2:

Many thanks, James :blush:

I have to do it because of the challenge of doing both things. I hope to improve my singing to be ok, but don’t want to have any pressure with this skill since isn’t going to be my main goal.

About the spanish vocals… I have a couple of ideas :smirk:. in due time, my friend.

Yeah! si is the real star of the show :grin:. Thank you for listening, mate

Thank you, Stefan :pray:. I really appreciate the encouragement with the singing. I should definitely see a couple of videos about tips for singing and see what my voice can do.

Thank you, Eddie :man_bowing:

I think that is one of the best things i could read :blush:. Anyway, aside from the intro, I took all the ideas from Justin video. I only give them a structure.

Really appreciate you took the time to watch my video, Nicole :blush:.

Agree, I didn’t even try to match her because i knew in advance it wasn’t going to work :joy:. let’s see if i can improve in my vocal range little by little

You sung in spanish in your last avoyp? Wow, i missed that one, i’m going to search it right now!

Thank you for the kind words Brian. Actually one of the great things of being able to follow justin’s course and talk with you here is that i learn guitar + I improve my english. It’s a win-win :grimacing:

I can’t ignore my rock roots :metal:. Thank you!

Thank you Byron! One of the things we have to pay attention while learning a song is to the way the words are pronounced. Because maybe we can read it and understand it, but singing a word you’ve never pronounced before… luckily this isn’t a very hard song regarding to the vocabulary used :sweat_smile:.

Thank you for the encouragement, Phil. I’ll take it easy and see what my voice can handle. No one was born already knowing how to sing :sweat_smile:

Thank you, Richard :grimacing:.

Yeah, it is really tricky. But as everything in guitar, keep practicing and you’ll get there. another thing is singing well :joy:. Let’s see how it goes in the next one :see_no_evil:

Thanks for watching!

Thanks, JK. As the song goes with the same chord progression for the whole tune, I could play with the dynamics a bit :relaxed:


Muy bueno Edgar! :sunglasses:

The voice is like another instrument, so you’ll get better in time. The inportant thing is not to worry to much and try to be relaxied. It’s not easy to play and sing at the same time so well done.

I’ll look out for some Spanish singing from you!

Really enjoyed this Edgar. The new acoustic sounded really great and you do your self an injustice as you sang well (and boy is Delores a hard act to follow). I am one who can vouch that singing and playing is never as easy as some folk make it look and is a darned site harder when you question your own vocal capability. I can also say you have nothing to worry about, the more you do it the easier it gets.

Well done sir. Oh and happy NGD !!


That all sounded pretty good Edgar, playing and singing. No reason not to sing more if you enjoy it. New acoustic sounded great. Lots to like.

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