100 Topics 😮

Bravo Brian

Let’s see what an active Community member looks like, at least according to the stats, even though this is not cricket (or any of the stats crazy sports from the other side of the Atlantic)

Loved the song. You have such a wonderful way with words, blending fun, humour, self-deprecation, and the odd moment of wisdom. And I (like I imagine many others) still enviously marvel at your ability to strum a dum dum and sing in the way you do.

I may have to sit down with you and have a chat about schooling the members of one’s Trio. I tried to play something slow, perhaps two chords per bar, and the players were skating with a sacking.


Pass the wine …


Bravo Brian!!! Both for the 100 topics and this fun song…it made me smile all the way through :blush: …thanks also for the written lyrics :pray: I really admire your creativity! :star_struck:
Now…let’s be serious :thinking: constructive criticism :thinking: loved the tone of your guitar and your strumming style and… bla bla bla…:laughing::joy:
… just two big thumbs up from my part :+1::+1:
P.s.: it was a privilege to waste my time, thanks a lot for sharing it! :blush:

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Woah… first thing that jumps out is that I should give more likes.
The next is that I missed a trick not making a silly pun on Topics/posts ‘cremated’ :roll_eyes: :rofl:

Cheers for the thumbs up and encouragement. Much appreciated, but as you are well aware, every one of us here ploughs our own path and makes up this wonderful mélange

As to the Trio, it may well be worth setting up a separate Trio thread. There was a kind of a one on the old forum. Maybe when I get the time and inclination, I might start one, where everyone can chip in their tips & tricks.
Happy to meet up some day on zoom if you’d like to have a chin wag.

Do you mean two beats per bar? :thinking:
For ‘slow’ parts, the options are quite limited. I find myself usually referting to

  1. Genre- Folk
  2. Bass- simple (red light, only plays root note at beginning of bar)
  3. Make sure alt time (upper right hand button is not activated)

Glad you stopped there :wink:
I’d have to get my posse to join me and I don’t see that happening again in the near future :rofl:

@SILVIA mille grazie!
Thank you for your smiles and such lovely comments :smiley:


So the fertile mind of the Swedish Irish Englishman continues to produce witty songs as easy as shelling peas. You’ve come a long way Brian, however every time I watch one of your vids the skull scares me…

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You’ve been asking too many rhetorical questions lately :grin:

Yes, I have sound again :sweat_smile:

What else do I have to say that hasn’t been said, your way of playing fits perfectly with what this song and these lyrics are intended for and would not be out of place in some caberet performances… I enjoyed listening and watching :sunglasses: :clap: :sunflower:
Greetings from Holland

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@Fourtwo42 Alas, poor Yorick!- You did not know him well, for he, as I, hail from Denmark, not the Swedish backwaters. And although I settled on this sceptered Isle, there’s nary a drop of Sassenach blood running through these tattered veins :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Nevertheless, I appreciate the listen and comments :grinning:

@roger_holland I’m so glad you are back in the loop- Believe it or not I have even more questions about you. I’ll try to address them later :rofl:
In the meantime, thank you :grinning:

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You’ve read too many of those Diana Gabaldon “Outlander” novels… :rofl:

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Ach, nee… is’ auch ein Irisches Schimpfwort :rofl:

Da kommt’s ja her… I only know, because I’ve read 3/4 of the novels and then gave up… :rofl:.

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I sometimes put together a playlist of the new community recordings I haven’t heard yet and listen to them at work.

Well, when 100 topics came up, my manager said: “Not this bloke again!” :smiley:

I do not know how you come up with all those lyrics but thank you for sharing them with us! Congratulations on your 100th thread (I bet there’s more than a 100 by now already) and keep them coming Brian!

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Haha, your manager is on the ball! :rofl:
Cheers for the listen, comment and kind words :grinning:

Argh. Completely forgot about the Golden Horde. That’s the weekend sorted. Thanks bro.

And not forgetting your own masterpiece. Simon Carmody is nervous and he doesn’t know why.