100 Topics 😮

Woah… this is my 100th ‘Created Topic’ in our new Community :open_mouth:
Apart from official team members, only @TheMadman_tobyjenner has spewed forth at a greater rate (more on that later). I thought I’d celebrate my centenary by, yes, clogging up the joint even more… :roll_eyes: :rofl:
Pondering suitable songs on the century theme, I thought I’d share the video of 100 Boys by The Golden Horde. It’s a little-known but undeniable fact that they were the best live act ever to come out of Dublin. (Early 80s-90s, a melodic Ramones-y psychedelic affair)
While exploring this nostalgia rabbit hole, I stumbled across their mellow, radio-friendly Friends in Time and thought why not crank up the creative juices and recycle their song for my purposes?

(Eagle-eyed observers may have noticed I had to slip in a sneaky gig review this afternoon to reach the target. Just be grateful I didn’t rework Nena’s 99 Luftbalons :laughing:)

And here I am- One century
I hear the groans- Please let me be
A song that no one has heard before
His faithful strumming’s become a frightful bore
Why does he never use a pick like us?
Who told this pigeon he could drive the bus?

One hundred topics in this joint. A hundred topics what’s the point?
You’d have to be a Toby to post more
A deep discussion on a whim- A thousand angels dancing on a pin
What a waste of time

Those chords are dodgy- The Trio’s slow
His tone is awful. Do you think he knows?
He’s changed the lyrics, screwed up the rhymes
He’s wasted precious hours of your practice time
He thinks the gimmicks and wigs he wears are cool
Who’ll tell the emperor he’s naked as a fool?

One hundred topics in this joint. A hundred topics what’s the point?
You’d have to be a madman to post more
A deep discussion on a whim- A thousand angels reaching for the gin
What a waste of time

One hundred topics in this joint. A hundred topics what’s the point?
You’d have to be a madman to post more
This freak discussion’s wearing thin- all the forum angels asking him
When will he ever learn?


Pleased to waste some time with you bud :slightly_smiling_face:


Very entertaining as always Brian. I remember the Golden Horde well from my early teenage years. That was a great time for music in Ireland. Great catchy lyrics on this one and sounded very like the GH. :+1::sunglasses:


Hi Brian,
I have yet to listen but I will close after this post and continue tomorrow.
Just for the sake of the readers and completeness…
You actually made many more topics of course :thinking:, many many many many :speak_no_evil:have been merged by Richard


I clicked the heart button for a like.
Feedback is for wimps!


@liaty Cheers, Dave, I’ll drink to that :smiley:

@Eddie_09 There are not many around who can claim the same, Eddie.
I’m sure I’ve posted this before, but my knees (and liver) still tremble at the memory of this fab night

Well, that makes me feel even better, Rogier :roll_eyes:
I’m even more impressed that you can’t even be bothered to listen :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I can’t even be bothered to respond (here :wink:)


Weird Wonderful Of The Wirral you forget I had a head start.

FWIW I had to check my resume to see what my count was ! Not something I track but to be honest I thought I was staying pretty quiet in the new metropolis. Good job I did not carry over my old Forum giddiness, it would be rather embarrassing. Guess I should see what those 130 chocolate bars are all about. A steady flow of CFIs should be discounted, so that’s what 13 bars, since we crossed the bridge,

But at the end of the day sir congrats on your centenary. King Justin should send you a postcard ala HRH and restraining order for brand depreciation at the LS III. @JustinGuitar send him a card boss or the Scouser gets it !

Love the song Brain and love that taking life seriously is just not on your agenda. Here to the next 100 post Geraldine.

Onwards and upwards. Ooo errr missis.


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1 One
2 hundred
3 topics
5 not
6 including
7 the
8 many
10 topics
11 I
12 merged
13 as
14 Rogier
15 kindly
16 reminds
17 us.
18 Wow!
19 That
20 is
21 some
22 going
23 Brian.
24 I’m
25 not
26 going
27 to
28 count,
29 I
30 wonder
31 though
32 how
33 many
34 of
35 those
36 one
37 hundred
38 are
39 recordings?
40 You
41 have
42 been
43 a
44 willing
45 and
46 enthusiastic
47 exponent
48 of
49 the
50 benefits
51 of
52 learning
53 songs.
54 How
55 long
56 until
57 you
58 reach
59 a
60 century
61 of
62 songs
63 that
64 you
65 can
66 play?
67 This
68 is
69 another
70 one
71 chalked
72 up
73 and
74 another
75 that
76 showcases
77 your
78 wonderful
79 ability
80 to
81 craft
82 a
83 song
84 from
85 someone
86 else’s
87 parts.
88 Plagiarism?
89 Artistic
90 licence?
91 Does
92 it
93 matter
94 how
95 we
96 describe
97 it?
98 It’s
99 all
100 good.

:+1: :sunglasses: :smile:


Can’t believe you unearthed a clip about Toby and Topics :exploding_head:
Can’t believe I remember it like yesterday :open_mouth:

If my remaining neurones are still firing properly, we were both given carte blanche to stress test the new building at the same time?I still feel like a relative newbie here but it’s weird to think that many newcomers probably regard me as old furniture

As long as the real madmen are still out there in full view, I have nothing to worry about :laughing:

Oooh, err… I see @Richard_close2u has just rejoined the fray-
All blame lies with that man(tra) :rofl:

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Oh you have everything to worry about if we keep stalking the city streets. :wink:

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Just 100 topics?? That wasnt much to bragg about! :rofl:

Entertaining as always Brian!! Nice laid back vibe to it aswell…
Constructive critism… well… i guess its 110% perfect and nothing to put my finger on :grin:

Edit: 100 is quite a lot… i have 22… 100 is really impressive!!! :raised_hands:t2::clap:


Now that would have been a great night! Your post has sent me down memory lane for the afternoon , and I have spent a couple of hours listening to bands from that time I had forgotten about; A-house, in tua nua ,Fatima mansions etc. Great memories :musical_note:


I just love everything in this thread! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :rofl:

Thanks for the smile you brought, Brian! That was enjoyable and fun to listen, gave me a good laugh! :smiley:

Reading the comments is as much fun as the OP, by the way! Thanks all for making me chuckle before bedtime. Probably will have weird dreams about skulls, crazy bread looking like :poop: and other weird stuff. :rofl:

Looking forward to the next 100 - maybe? Not quite decided yet! :wink: :sunglasses:


Be careful of what you wish for. :rofl:


Very entertaining as always! :clap:

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What?! Only a 100?! Feels like a lot more! :tired_face: :joy:
Another terrific little ditty to celebrate an impressive milestone! Well done on both feats, Brian! :smiley: :+1:

True! :laughing: Very entertaining read all round! :sweat_smile:


Very clever and very entertaining Brian. You are so good at creating lyrics and using the melodies from obscure songs. I enjoyed your ditti. Top marks.

100 topics, that’s quite a total considering we’ve only been in this building for about 20 months. The stats thing does highlight some interesting facts like how long we spend on this site! A waste of time? Never.

As for @TheMadman_tobyjenner digging up the Topic tv advert, we used to say “what’s got a hazelnut in every bite?” “A squirrel’s sh*t.” :joy:


@tRONd Considering all the time you spent working (as opposed to some) that’s no mean feat.
Mange tak min ven :sunglasses:

@Eddie_09 , having emigrated to study in Dublin in ’84, the plethora of quality local bands playing (often for buttons or free) had a big impact on me :smiley: Great times, and it’s fun to meander down memory lane, although few of the recordings would stand the test of time for today’s audience if you hadn’t been there… :wink:

Vielen Dank @Lisa_S ,
A bit of good-natured humour goes a long way in all walks of life…
I’m happy to contribute :smiley:

@TheCluelessLuthier Thank you, Mark
Next time two slices of tasty bread with something unpleasant in the middle please :laughing:

Haha, @roger_holland’s and @Richard_close2u’s remarks piqued my interest :thinking: It’d be too messy to trawl back through AVOYP, but I just had a quick look on my YT channel. There are around 54 video uploads since Jan ’22 and I think I’ve shared them all here. That’s more than one a fortnight (almost Johan-esque for any old-timers here :wink:).
It’s interesting that you only get better at what you practice. I’ve become much quicker at finding the chords, and fitting in the lyrics, learning to strum and sing a simple version, even without prompts sometimes. I never practiced building up a repertoire and consequently could not play a single song from start to finish right now without a crib sheet. Sigh… :roll_eyes:

@sairfingers Cheers Gordon, much appreciated :smiley:
As so many say, it’s the journey not the destination; and it’s almost always the people you meet that make the travels so interesting.
… and back on Topic- Looks like this squirrel’s got the runs, eh? :wink:


Congrats on hitting the century, I imagine we’re in for another original song at 200 as well?

It’s been good getting to know you Brian, I enjoy how you just speak your mind and make things interesting. As well as the occasional good advice :wink:.

Oh the song, the song. Surprisingly it was pretty good! All round. I enjoyed it, a good melody with your voice and fun, engaging lyrics.

Come join us in pick club, it’s pretty good here. I’m sure I recall one of your AVOYPs when you started focusing on your playing more where you did use a pick. Or am I misremembering…

This sounds like something to turn into a goal :smiley:

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Impressive creativity. I loved the twists on the chorus lyrics! @TheMadman_tobyjenner you gotta love it!