12 Days of (Heavy Metal) Christmas (for Rogier)

Continuing the discussion from SILENT NIGHT classic:

Well, I’m sorry about this… It was uncalled for… but just kind of happened… :see_no_evil: :rofl:

@roger_holland asked to hear from me (at least I think :thinking: :sweat_smile:), so this is for him! :smiley:
Plus a while back he mentioned about there being (thousands of!) Christmas metal songs, who knew?!?! Clearly Rogier (and others) did! :joy:, not me though! :laughing:

So here’s to this amazing community! I wish you all an fabulous time over the festive season! :santa: :christmas_tree: :partying_face: :beers: :tada: :champagne: :clinking_glasses: Apologies for the atrocious guitar playing and singing, I spent much more time on editing the video than I did learning & recording the song! :flushed: :joy: but hopefully it’s entertaining :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Credit must go to Twisted Sister for this tune. Here’s what I covered/butchered, if interested :metal::laughing: & thanks to Shutterstock for the back up dancer :joy: )


Brilliant! :rofl:

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Fabulous, Jeff, a fine day before Eve good for a laugh production.

I’m well impressed that you managed to keep it going, recovering from the odd giggle and smile at the odd moment.

have to ask … how’s the voice after that. Forget the Jack, a hot tea with lemon and honey … OK, you could spike that with additional Jack :rofl:

And maybe the title should be 12 Days of (Hair Metal) Christmas. :rofl:

Wish you and yours a blessed festive season.

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I have to say, doing all those lyrics and holding it together was harder than I thought! :rofl:

Well, if there was the faintest chance of a singing career before… there isn’t now! :joy:

Thanks David, you too! :smiley:

Thanks Paul! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Interesting! Ouch, my voice box is hurting mate… Nice guitar play, vox and gumby vid…

All the best,

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Fabulous Jeff, very entertaining. Merry Christmas and Heavy Metal Christmas to your alter ego friend.

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Ah Jeff, you made my day. Specially when you started to crack up :rofl: Fantastic - Happy Christmas!

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Super stuff Jeff. Great fun! I hope you’ve still got a voice left for Christmas Day. :smiley:
You did really well keeping it all together for the whole song. I know from experience with singing it with my grandkids that’s it’s hard to keep the verses going and not get mixed up even when singing the more ‘traditional’ version!
Loved your video production, costume and of course your guitar play and rockin’ tones too.
Enjoy a fun and of course sun filled Christmas Day down under. :santa:

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I could clearly see where those 6 cans of hairspray went :joy:
Best time of the year for heavy metal!!! :metal: :skull_and_crossbones: :grinning: :guitar:


Ha!!! Surprise, surprise this morning. I knew, there would be something new on the roaster. I felt the quiet before the storm :joy:
Entertaining and catching as always :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: and great to see the wig once again before years’s end.
I feel like a slowpoke with my clumsy fingerpicked version of Silent Night :rofl: :dizzy:.
Very very cool!
All the best wishes for you and your loved ones :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:!



Sweet mother of Jes Jeff :laughing:

I am listening and watching this with my girl, and we were laughing out loud, especially when you started chuckling :joy:… what a start to the day here :sunglasses: :partying_face:

At first I wanted to say that I had no responsibility whatsoever of what you did and had been slaughtered and that the good people of the community could only speak to my lawyer… but I love it :sunglasses: :laughing:

Thank you very very much :sunglasses:

Rogier :christmas_tree: :parasol_on_ground:


:joy: :joy: :clap: :clap: so cool! loved it.
You made my day too
Happy Christmas, have a great festive season :sun_with_face: :sunglasses: :christmas_tree:


:clap: :sunglasses: :metal: :rofl: :guitar:

Wow! That was cool - and lots of fun!
That tune made my day. Now I’m rocking around my Christmas tree :christmas_tree:
I especially enjoyed your outfit and the very cool outro, not to forget the cute gingerbread dancer :man_dancing:
Thank you so much, Jeff!

Merry Christmas and happy rockin’ Holidays :santa: :guitar:


That was fun, thanks for the entertainment! I know O Come All Ye Faithful from that album (to listen to anyway) and have wondered if I should listen to the rest of the album. Your cover of this makes it a resounding yes!!! Guitar is pretty cool, and I’ve no idea how you managed to get through all of the singing!! With just a few smiles :slightly_smiling_face: The cute little gingerbread man is a bit of a scene stealer too :slightly_smiling_face:


Seriously cool :sunglasses: and very entertaining Jeff! You certainly know how to perform. Have a great Christmas and happy new year to you mate!

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About time someone knocked out a proper Xmas song. As yule be the first to celebrate, here’s a backing crew for the next cracker.

Happy Punkmas Jeff.



Tremendous fun. I was amazed you managed to keep it all together without fits of giggles as looked like might happen at times.

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:sob: :sob: :sob:
I feel so insulted now
:sob: :sob: :sob:

Okay…I know what you’re saying and I think the “standard” Christmas music is too beeep beeeeep hey the system don`t allow what I want to say :blush:
Next year I am going to fac-major a christmas song to the deep :smile: :sunglasses:



@LBro @Alan_1970 @twistor59 @sairfingers @franzek @Helen0609 @Avalon426 @Gunhild @Mari63 @Eddie_09
Thanks so much everyone! I had a heap of fun doing this :partying_face:

:laughing: Yep, wouldn’t be a vocal style I’d recommend!

:joy: Thanks Alan! Merry Christmas to you too mate!

:rofl: Thanks Phil! Glad you enjoyed it and it brought a smile! :wink:

Thanks Gordon!! Yeah it’s actually really quite hard eh?! Despite the lyrics repeating so much, it’s still easy to get confused… plus the original lyrics kept wanting to pop into my head :face_with_spiral_eyes: :rofl: Have a great Christmas too mate! :smiley:

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Thanks Franz! Yeah the hair is definitely something “special” :laughing:

:rofl: Thanks Andrea! Yeah, felt right to give it one more spin :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Certainly got my money’s worth out of it that’s for sure :joy:

:rofl: Thanks Jasmine!! :smiley: Glad you liked it, hope it brought a few laughs! :joy: Have a great time over the festive season too!

:joy: That’s awesome, Gunhild! Nothing like a bit of fun for a laugh at this time of year! :rofl: Glad you enjoyed the gingerbread man too, he’s just a fountain of energy that guy! :man_dancing: :rofl:
All the best for the holidays too! :smiley:

:rofl: Oh man it took all my concentration to get those lyrics… well… almost right! :joy: The guitar playing suffered considerably but that’s what the cute gingerbread man was for, to act as a distraction :wink: :rofl:

Thanks Eddie! Hope it provided a few laughs! :rofl: Have a brilliant Christmas and New Year too buddy!! :partying_face: :smiley: :+1:


:joy: :joy: :joy:

So glad it brought a smile! Just a bit of fun to brighten up the day! :sun_with_face: :laughing:

Well, you were the inspiration my friend, so as far as I’m concerned you’re as much to blame for this as I am :wink: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

You are most welcome :joy: :joy: :joy: