1st ‘gig’

@adi_mrok recently asked why perform in public? For me the answer was always social reasons and to connect with others. I took the plunge last night and performed to a live audience for the first time (zoombies don’t count :laughing:).

I had prepared a song for my good friend Chris & Eithne’s silver wedding anniversary two years ago, but Mr. Corona had other plans…
Some of you will know Chris (and maybe Eithne too) from a number of collaborations with me over the years.
It was an easy crowd of around 40-50 and very enjoyable :smiley:

Did I mess up much more than any of my rehearsals?
Well, duh… of course!
Could it have gone much worse?
Well, duh… of course!

Serendipity had it, that it was another dear friend, Nick Silver’s birthday. He plays violin and often supports whoever happens to be gigging in the vicinity.
He even piggy-backed on my song :smiley:

The video is documentation to prove it happened rather than a musical treat, lots of kids running around in front of the camera and some dodgy vocals, but all in all a very enjoyable experience.

The second clip is of Chris and his former band from college days in Oxford (Wolftone) performing a Waterboys tune. They meet up about once a year for fun and Nick joined them on his fiddle. (Karma dictated they play Karma Police as their last song, so I clambered uninvited up on stage and stole a mic to sing along)

Am I famous now? :thinking: :rofl:


Absolutely brilliant Brian, what a fantastic debut in the real world.

Having all the floor banter and kids running around, shows exactly what a real live experience is like. No polite students sitting in the auditorium clapping at the end of the show, like in those all gigs on the TV back in the day.

Total chaos and the man played on !!

Look forward to following you next week Lah.

(Oh the other rag tag bunch in the other vid seemed ok :wink: )



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I’m sure Ziggy was smiling as you scattered stardust over all and sundry, Brian.

Delightful to see you in action.

I will take some convincing to imagine you being any more famous around here than you already are.


That was superb Brian. You have some real stage presence and are a natural performer. Looked like a great night to boot!! :sunglasses:

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Yay, Brian! That was a fun listen. Great interaction with the audience. Seems like you really enjoyed it. Good job!

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That was great Brian. Born to be on stage. Good presence and delivery. Looks like you enjoyed every minute of it, sneaking back on stage for an encore of Karma Police. Take a bow.

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Of course your famous Brian :rofl:. Looked tremendous fun and the audience seemed to enjoy the performance.

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Well done Brian. Wow that was a tough crowd! Running around, heckling, not paying attention, but you pushed on through like the true entertainer you are. Loads of old fashioned vibes from me my friend.
Your support band were pretty good too. :grinning:

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This was so good Brian! And you got the audience to clap and cheer along! Wow, and sing along as well (writing this real time)! You should try some busking, I think you have the talent to make people stop for a moment and just enjoy the music without any life stress :smiley:!

Hello Brian,
I really enjoyed your performance :100:. Congratulations on your first gig and my admiration that you managed it so well in this turbulent environment. I bet you’re a natural born entertainer… :guitar:

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Well done Brian! You sounded pretty relaxed. Were you? (I would be absolutely bricking myself with 40 faces looking at me!).

Where abouts in Merseyside are you? - I was born and brought up in Prescot (near St Helens)

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Hi Brian,
This was fun to watch and definitely better than more than half of the performances I usually get served at such parties :smiley:, and your attitude certainly contributes to that. :sunglasses: :clap:…and I’m sure the sound there was much better than what comes to our ears…

:see_no_evil: :speak_no_evil: NO,…you didn’t :hear_no_evil:…there are places in the world where you will be hanged for that kind of interruptions… :roll_eyes:

Yes of course you are very famous among our friends and acquaintances… :sunglasses:
Greetings,… :guitar: :microphone:

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Hey there Brian,
Being the frontman is an art in of itself and you are good at it. I liked the banter and how you drew in the audience. Your play and engagement were good. All in all, you must be famous now! Next is the radio for you and a fat record contract!

Keep up the jolly good show!

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Brian, that was so much fun well done on your playing in front of the audience debut! I hope my original post sort of pushed you more into doing it although I doubt it - your natural performer side was probably what made you do it, and of course a great opportunity to play in front of friends on a special occasion.

Although you need to stop interrupting yourself while you play haha :rofl: keep the banter at the start and at the end, that is plenty already :laughing:

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What a performer. So good Brian, warming up the audience with the banter beforehand, and playing an original. You looked totally in your element.

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Yes he’s certainly got a face for radio! :smiley:


Reminds me of this song

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That looked like a lot of fun! This is just the beginning!

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ha ha what a performer Brian…now dare I ask if you had partaken of liqueur before playing? loved the way you let the chat run and run just like you do on the OM. All joking aside good to see you on stage and it looks like you had a great time AND so did everyone else. You did by the way look pretty relaxed when playing!

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What a fun night and you were fabulous, you started off telling them all to shush :shushing_face: and by the end they were joining in I’d say that was a win and yeah it makes you famous :clap:t2: :clap:t2: :clap:t2:

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