2021 Intermediate Practice

Looking at the new Intermediate lessons and wondering how to approach practice?

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I’ve commented about this in relation to individual lessons, but perhaps this is the place to make the larger point. I frankly find the new course incredibly difficult to follow, let alone to navigate. I’ve now spent more than two hours clicking from unit to unit or module to module (or whatever they’re called now) trying to create a lesson plan that will allow me to review the intermediate lessons before moving on to the advanced lessons, and I have precious little to show for it. To the extent I know anything about guitar, I credit Justin and his earlier lessons, but I’m so confused by the new format that I’m seriously thinking of abandoning him and trying someone new.


I hear you. While I’m not complaining, I feel the same way. Very disjointed course and hope that Justin can give it some love soon.

I feel the same way about the course, I even tried the new beginner app and something off. Justin get back to the helm.

I have to agree with previous comments. I’ve just started to look at Intermediate Grade 4 after completing the Beginner courses and right from the start in E Shape Barre chord module there is a Triads lesson which is pretty much identical to the one in Beginner Grade 3, How to Use Easy Triads on Guitar | JustinGuitar.com

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