25 original songs; Really proud of them! Started playing in 2019 using JustinGuitar

Hi All,

I’m eternally thankful for Justin Sandercoe, his staff (and volunteers, if any) and all who support the mission of teaching the world to play guitar. It’s unbelievable I was able to learn this instrument using instructional videos, YouTube videos and tablature. JustinGuitar’s Beginner’s Course should be the front page of the Internet, in my personal opinion. What a golden example of using the Internet for good. Thank you to everyone who shares their knowledge and makes the guitar community so wonderful. The world isn’t as angry and competitive as the television/media wants us to believe.

I’ve been writing songs and finally got to uploading them to Soundcloud. I am only an average singer and the recordings are amateurish, but I’m extremely proud of them.
Please enjoy!


Thank you for acknowledging and appreciating Justin and his team, Zack, and coming here to share your music.

I have your album playing now and am enjoying your playing and singing. You can and should feel proud of your achievements.

Nothing amateurish in your recordings, they sound good to me, the tone and the balance between guitar and vocal.

Wish you well

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David, thanks for the kind words. Glad you’re enjoying them. Thanks for listening.


Hey Zack, welcome to the community. What you’ve done is awesome, keep up the great effort. i heartily agree with your comments acknowledging the difference Justin has made in many of our musical journeys. He’s done a stellar example of paying it forward. Look forward to hearing more from you.

Ho Zack and welcome

Having a few issues with Soundcloud at the moment but enjoyed the first track Zack. Well done sir. Why not pop over here and tell us a little more about yourself and your musical journey.



Hi Zack, just listened to some ‘Junk’. If ever there was a misnomer!. I’ll definitely listen to more later. Loved it.

Two songs in and will listen the whole thing through, but well done! Really glad you went for the original material route so early on your musical journey.

Welcome to the community and may I also follow up on Toby’s invite to introduce yourself to the wider community on here.

Okay now back to listening to your stuff. See you around the forum!

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Thank you for the kind words, everyone. I will be more present in the forum! What a nice group of people.

Welcome Zack.

Just finished the first 2 tracks… Youre singing is way above avarage in my opinion. Same with your guitar skills. Sounds awsome. The production also sounds very very good…

You have every right in the world to be proud of those songs, and perhaps you should consider gigging around a bit. If you allready dont do it. This is really really good!!

Thanks for sharing :+1:

I don’t know who told you that your singing is mediocre or your song average because this is an AMAZING piece for someone who started playing only 4 or 5 years ago. Absolutely adore the first one, you should definitely upload them to Spotify if you can!
Please keep it up, you can become an amazing artist with your skills and hard work!

Thank you very much. I have played at a few open mics recently and plan to keep going to them! It’s a great group of musicians.

I have not really gotten strong feedback either way thus far other than a handful saying they really like it, so I appreciate your notes. I will need to explore uploading to Spotify. I am starting to share my music and playing at open mics so hopefully I will meet other musicians and collaborate.

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Thanks for suggesting I introduce myself. I’ve done so and a few more people have popped over to this thread to listen!

Thanks for the kind words. I hope you enjoy the songs. I introduced myself to more of the forum, so thank you for seconding the comment of Toby’s.

Thanks, Willisie!

Thanks, Tony. There are a few more songs I’ve yet to record and upload. I will get around to them soon enough.

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Hey Zach. I think this is great work. Very creative indeed. Keep it up.

Thank you, think. Creative is a tall compliment! I appreciate it very much as that’s something I’m especially proud of.

Really great stuff Zack and you definitely should be proud. I am also into writing my own songs but am not at your level. I love listening to originals and haven’t got all the way through all your songs yet but loving everything I have heard so far! Your playing and vocals are really good and very enjoyable to listen to. When it comes to vocals I always go back to an interview I watched with Noel Gallagher a while back, where he commented that nobody can sing your songs as well as you, as nobody else can bring the same emotion to something you wrote!

Wow. I really love that comment of Noel Gallagher. I’m gonna hold onto that. Thanks for sharing.

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