3 Months in! Green Day - Basket Case

Hey all,

It’s been about 3 months now since I joined Justin Guitar and first picked up a guitar back on the 15th of January. I’ve been practicing Basket Case a lot over the last couple weeks as I consolidate Grade 2, and I figured it had progressed along well enough to post a video, so here’s to my first AVOYP topic!

Certainly not a perfect recreation of the original, and I still have plenty to work on, but I’m pretty excited to be able to play it at all! I’ve been playing it sitting down for a couple weeks now and the other day I figured it was time to stand up and well, that changed things!

Differences I’ve noticed: The down-picking becomes a LOT easier while standing. Unfortunately, the opposite is true of muting, along with everything else. The little Esus4 progression at the end also becomes a lot harder to get clean while standing. It’s probably just a muscle memory thing, so I’ll just keep standing up as much as I can!

Pretty happy with the tone through the Katana, though it took me a lot of fiddling to get it there. I know I could have just downloaded Justin’s tone or someone else’s, but I really wanted to figure it out for myself and I think it ended up pretty good. Let me know what you think!

Guitar: PRS SE McCarty 594
Amp: Katana 100 MkII
Mic: Audio Technica AT2020
Interface: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
Camera: DJI Osmo 3


That was great. Thanks for sharing.

Soon that axe will be slung way low and down at your knees.

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I’ve tried it a bit lower and everything falls apart, so that’ll be a while :guitar:

Thanks for checking it out!

Great job bro , am working on this very slowly . I can’t say anything negative at all with your performance.

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Thanks Jeff, I’m sure you’ll nail it!

I could point out tons of problems with my performance, but at some point I just have to try to remember that I’m still a beginner. It does serve to motivate me though! Hopefully one day I’ll look back at this video and have a chuckle.

You might chuckle but if you seen me at three months in you would die laughing so in my eye you did great

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Nah, you wouldn’t get any laughing from me. I have a lot of time to play, so my 3 months isn’t the same as someone else’s!

Hey Beau,

That’s awesome after picking up a guitar in Jan. great work with the power chords something still on my wish list, well done, mate :+1:

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Really well done, Beau! That’s a huge achievement for just 3 months. I still haven’t attempted it and play Green Day’s easier tunes. So keep it up!

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Nice work there Beau, especially if only with Justin since January. I’m assuming you’ve picked up a guitar a bit before this. If not, then you’re smokin’ along mate. :nerd_face:

Good clean power chords, pretty consistent pick attack, and solid rhythm going there. Keep it goin’ :+1:

Cheers, Shane

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Great job :+1:
It was powerful and expressive.
Well, good guitar and right sound.
Thanks for sharing,

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Sounds great, Beau. Can’t compare to the original but what you dialed in was rocking. Good job on the muting. Keep on keeping on!

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Sounds excellent - your rhythm sense is great - no headphones for a click track in sight! Can’t be just 3 months in to your guitar journey surely?

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@audioclass Great work, Beau! Love the sound you dialed in, and excellent playing!

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3 months? Really? Oh well, I might as well just give up now :joy: :joy: :rofl:


Hi Beau,
Congrets on your first video ,that is a big thing :sunglasses: :partying_face:
Nice playing too :sunglasses: :clap:

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Wow, woke up to a lot of kind words, thank you all!

@sclay, I have probably physically picked up a guitar before now, dad’s been playing since he was in his teens so there were always guitars around when I was younger. January was truly the start of learning anything though. Not sure why I didn’t want to learn when I was younger. I played a bit of drums in my late teens, but it never went anywhere and I dropped it after a few months of lessons. More recently (circa 2019) I studied piano for about a year as well, but then I moved to Japan and that fell through the cracks also.

@twistor59 I I’m going to credit rhythm games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band to that, probably. I played a LOT back when they came out. Of course, the buttons don’t do anything to help you play a real guitar, but you do have to keep the rhythm with a little fake strummy thing and I’d guess it’s a good tool for that.

@theoldman66 No way! I just watched your Dock of the Bay and Man of Constant Sorrow covers and LOVED them. Singing and playing feels impossible to me right now!

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:clap: :clap: :clap: :sunglasses: :metal:

Wow, that was amazing, Beau!
Congrats on your first AVOYP :partying_face:
And such a great performance after just 3 months is an incredible progress. :+1:

Always a pleasure to hear some catchy, rockin’ Green Day tunes here, and you did a very good job on this one. Rhythm and power chord progressions are great, and you even added the nice embellishments with the sus-chords at the end.

This song is on top of my own wish-list (too advanced yet), and I hope to get the tone right when I start to practise it. I have the smaller brother of your amp (Katana 50), so I’ll try to come close to this. Sounds amazing! :sunglasses:

Your guitar looks beautiful, too. Very appropriate to play this song on “Blue” :wink:

Keep up the great work, Beau! You rock :guitar:

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I hadn’t even considered the “blue” reference when I recorded this, but that’s a good point! Thanks for the kind words!

I love the Katana! Only reason I bought the 100 over the 50 was for the effects loop, but I haven’t used it much in that capacity yet. Some day…

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Nice work dude. Sounded great. You can tell you put the practice hours in. A few parts with slightly wobbly timing and yeah, that ending sequence does get easier with more guitar hours under your fingers. But whatever, that comes with time - great work dude. Keep at it, and keep putting the hours in.

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