4 tickets, 1 choice, which?


Jimi, without a moment’s hesitation.

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Pink Floyd

I’m oscillating between Floyd and the Doors.

Probably Floyd

Easy. Jimi Hendrix.

Pink Floyd every time.

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Jimi :guitar:

I would check the dates first (and obituaries)…this seems like a scam to me :grin:

For me, this would trump anything else.

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I would Ride a White Swan to Wembley.

Pink Floyd no doubt!

Pink Floyd, hands down. Although Cleveland is a bit of a treck… but on the good side, I’d get the opportunity for a good burger and beer at Fathead’s :joy:

I think Pink Floyd I think jimmy hendrix is good but not as good as seeing Pink Floyd

Hendrix, would love to have seen that mo fo play live!!! :slight_smile:

Pink at Wembley with Jimi as the opener.
Hey, as long as we’re dreaming, right? :wink:

If I can afford pink floyd, at $10.50, then instead I’m going to see all the other three at a combined price of $8.75

Jimi, if we were back then amount of concerts he gave was very limited comparing to other bands here… so I would had more chances to see the rest of them later on :grinning:

Jimi Hendrix without hesitation. My father in law has seen him live 3 times and still talks about it.

Still not sure which I would pick!

Doors, Floyd or Hendrix would all be epic gigs, Im sure trex would be too but its less of my thing.

I dont listen to the doors much these days but it would be an epic event