6 Guitar Areas You Should Practice

There is no 'one-size-fits-all' practice schedule, but understanding these essentials will help you practice effectively.

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Thanks Justin - super stoked about this grade!

What happened to all the blues songs and some of the power chord stuff you did have here. I printed them out but If I wanted to find them again where are they now?

I’m not sure which Blues lessons you’re searching for. Have you used the search function?
For power chords, is this what you need?

Hey @skeletor83,

Re the Blues Studies, I believe this is the one you’re after.

This is what I’m looking for, but notice it says grade 3 but you can’t find it under grade 3. It’s now under grade 4 if you’re coming at it through the Courses tab. Basically I’m just trying to figure help Justin notice some inconsistencies with the website and things that have been moved around that used to be in other places for long time users

I found it but there’s an inconsistency. If you go to grade 4 under courses it’s under grade 4 but they picture for it says grade 3.
It used to be grade 3 but is now grade 4. Just a small change I noticed

So excited that this grade has been done. Looking forward to working my way through it and no doubt learning lots. Thanks heaps!

Just gave this Lesson a watch.

Firstly, is it my imagination or is there something different in the filming of this, the way Justin pops against the background. I know not important but it struck me.

I assume that the Lesson Map will be updated as Grade 3 gets released. The Blues Guitar Studies and Master Rock Power Chords modules are still on the Lesson Map under Grade 3.

My takeaways …

  1. Doing OK on #1, #2, & #3, that is OK in my own unstructured way
  2. #4 just the thought of it fills me with FUD (Fear Uncertainty Doubt). No doubting the value, just got to overcome my own mindset challenges and take the plunge
  3. #5 funny I replied to somebody on a Community Topic on this point the other day. This for me has been one of the biggest challenges and things to get to grips with viz how to firstly play in time and then to somehow still play in time but not sound stiff and mechanical. Look forward to Gr 3 modules on this. I think my feel is getting better. Perhaps it is something that just comes over time, as you play more, become more proficient with all that is learned in Gr 1 & 2, so you can play without all the intense concentration and focus on getting it right.
  4. #6 I have some ideas, is that GAS pressure building :grin:

I looked specifically and noticed that the Discussion on the website was the same as here. Good job to the JG Team on achieving that as part of the introduction of the Discourse platform to host the Community. Think I’ll contrive an opportunity to test out the “Leave A Comment” button on the website.

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Hey Justin ! Checking the Community cross over with the website. Great advice which I’ll revisit before my 121.
Just checked my practice scheduled and was pleased it kind of followed in a similar structure. What I tend to do with a couple of areas, say Blues Lead and Blues Rhythm is to do them on alternate days. I would normally practice like this daily with around 30 minutes for songs, impros and fun. So run to 75-90 minutes, sometimes split into a shorter morning and an evening session. But I am thinking of changing it to a Monday to Friday routine and spend my weekend guitar time solely in the playground. That will give me a chance to cycle through my repertoire whilst adding songs I am learning during the week. What I seriously need to add is ear training and transcribing. Yes hands up I’ve skipped that over the years, so its time to make a commitment. Cheers Toby :slight_smile:

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Well that’s interesting from the website it picks up my other username (voting is still open folks!).
Looks like I will need to log off their and log back on again for the change to take effect.
Maybe not as the profile summary has reverted as well. @LievenDV any clue on this ??

Ok changed it back to TheMadman temporarily ??

While I am here a big Community Welcome to

@bymbie Hi Andras
@skeletor83 Hi David
@ijukes Hi Ingrid

Good to see you here.



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Really glad to see your new lessons are up! Learning with your lessons really helps me structure what to work on instesd of searching the Internet for bits and pieces that don’t bore me or drive me mad.
About a year ago i’ve discovered your channel just playing a couple of songs. Now my first songbook is almost full and im finally learning some of my favourite songs.
One thing i really struggle with and cant seem to get the hang of tho is incorporating licks into my imporv Jams. Still just feels like hitting random notes in the key.
Thanks for many great moments with the guitar you made possibile.


Hi Julian welcome to the Community, good to see another member popping up from the website.



That was a good lesson. I quite like the gym analogy, it makes sense (even though I don’t go to the gym!). My practice sessions are a lot less structured than they used to be. I’m one of those that find the new year a good time to think about / reevaluate / set goals, so the timing on listening through this lesson is perfect.

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Justin & Team - so excited and thankful for the extreme effort and dedication that you put into the new content. Everything is driving us to be better than we could ever imagine on our own. My extreme gratitude…oh, by the way is the new content revisions Ziggy approved :slight_smile: ?

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Hello! I’m very excited for grade 3. I’m
By no means accomplished with everything in grade 2. But I practice and play everyday, and I get better all the time. Most of the time. There are still days when I think - ugh, I’ll always be awful. But I’m having so much fun learning that it doesn’t matter. I think this new framework will really help me accelerate my learning. I hope to apply it to some grade 2 concepts to continue solidifying my knowledge there.

Moving on to d chord shape explorer in the morning.

  • Vinnie

Super stoked about this updated Grade 3. Even though I have moved to Grade 4 for a while now, I am coming back to Grade 3 to review and make sure I don’t miss anything. Proud to say everything I know about playing the guitar I have learned from Justin. Best place to learn and stay motivated. Thanks!

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Welcome to the community, @miichaelp, @VinnieV08, and Clint. Hope to see you around more!


I jumped ahead in the course to watch the video over the weekend and I cant wait to get started on grade 3, but first I will finish grade 2!!

The 2 biggest take aways for me, were

  1. Adapting the schedule to your own needs
  2. Remembering to spend as much time having fun on the guutar as you do to practice.
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