70s music


I’ve recently been listening to a heap of 70s songs, progressive rock, disco and rock, what a great time to be alive and enjoy that music. Bring it all back!!!


Music can bring the world together. 70’s music the most.


That was just stupendous!!! Thanks

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That was so good.

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Thanks for making me smile today.

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There was a lot of good stuff in the 70s, but unfortunately there was the pollution of disco.

I love disco! Bring it back, except for disco duck, that was jumping the shark

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I have only one thing to say about this………


Love those playing for change collabs! :grin:
Here is another one that makes me smile everytime…


Revealing my age and taste, I think the 60s and 70s would be the golden years. Lots of good music in the 50s but perhaps still a little too much sugary pop. The 80s a bit of a mixed bag for me. And then I should keep quiet as I have much less listening to music from the 90s.

I suspect I’d have more affinity for the music of the 90s over the 80s, though I still gravitate more to the 70s over the 90s eg bring on Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy, etc over Nirvana, Pearl Jam etc.

As for the 21st century, have no idea. And the most modern era shaped by tik tok and Spotify etc I am starting to sound like my grand parents probably did back in the 60s :rofl: But absed on what I hear on some of Beato’s top 10s, the current ‘young’ generation have taste I can’t relate to.

Is that song on the money … Video Killed the Radio Star … was MTV the beginning of the end?


I think you are spot on there David. To the youngsters today we probably sounds like our parents, grandpsrents and so on…
there is a lot of great music made today too, check out Tools Fear inoculum for example… it is a master piece of a record.

The thing today as i see it, is that today you have to do all the searching for great music youreself. Mainstream media just exposes easy listening junk… mostly. There is still some great music that gets airtime and publicity. But to my knowledge it is quite rare :grin:


I keep hearing great music from every decade. I do hear others complaining that there is no good music any more, but that’s not my view at all.


Good call Tony I’ve been doing likewise sans disco !!! Funny we never called it “classic” back in the day it was just rock, still is to me.

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Spandex in collusion with MTV. :rofl:

There’s still a lot of good rock band out there David but you have to go looking. They will never be heavily promoted by the normal audio and TV outlets but they are there. I’m lucky that having been rock brainwashed at an early age, my daughter keeps me fed with new bands and feeds my addiction.

Station like PlanetRock in the UK are a great source and possible to get via their website and apps depending where you are. They play all the old rocking favourites and new bands, yes sadly also the spandex crews but at least its radio and there’s nothing to see !!


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My opinion exactly as well, Tony :slightly_smiling_face:


Exactly @brianlarsen There is so much good music out there today. The real problem is maybe where to find it since standard radio usually has a very limited music selection that is played over and over again. So where to find new music that you love to listen to?

Personally, I haven’t listened to the radio for a long time, used to rely on certain music magazines for a long time after that. But what I started doing last year is checking the line-ups of festivals and just put the perfoming band names to YouTube and check the band’s or act’s latest albums. Surely, that’s extremely painful at times, but I have also found real treasures which I would have never discovered otherwise: Indie songs in Welsh? Spanish rock? Jazz incluenced rap HipHop in Dutch? African metal? Islandic metal? You name it :sun_with_face:

Hmm… Sure it was different to some extent. But e.g. Frank Farian and Boney M. happened in the 70s :smile: So, I think it’s always difficut to generalize :slightly_smiling_face:

Too many ‘old dogs’ here not willing to learn new tricks, or rather just too lazy to sniff out a decent bone :rofl:
I’m as carried away by nostalgia and the music of my youf as anyone, but there is more fabulous music being created and shared today (including all your favourite old genres) than you could possibly ever listen to.
If you’re waiting for mainstream broadcasters to serve it up to you on the airwaves, well good luck :wink:

(Edit: I turn 60 at the weekend, so presumably will be back on Monday, claiming:
“Everything was better in the old days…” :laughing:)


First, let me say I’m aware of the adage that all the best music was written when you were 15-20 years old. :wink:

But if you read Hotel California by Barney Hoskyns, you can see that the 70s was when music (and, more specifically, producing and marketing albums) went from being an artistic endeavour to becoming a commercial enterprise. Once the record companies and the bean counters came into it, making money started to become more important than making music.

Obviously musicians have learned to “play the game” and do what is required, but I always feel like the 60s and early 70s was where there was still a certain amount of purity and integrity to music making.

wait ? what ? they made music after the 70 's ??? :open_mouth:


Another day and a half as a 50+ year old …:laughing: …have fun :sweat_smile:
And let’s not forget the one here that’s almost and the end of his 60s … GORDON :partying_face: he has also this weekend a party :partying_face:

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There’s talk of me being dragged to a roller-disco :dizzy_face:
At my age!
With my new hip and all!
All the talk of 70’s, disco and now my hip just screams this :rofl: