70s music

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That was around 1974? I think Hoskyns puts the start of big commercialisation of music with The Eagles, which is 1972-73. Everyone started to realise that this music thing might be a way to make a fast buck if they could just work out a way to market it. Frank Farian seems to have done just that.

You have a book about these issues that you can recommend? I would be that interested in reading it :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, you are correct. It was after 1976 if Wikipedia can be trusted

This one. It has a lot of detail and can be a bit dry, but I found it very interesting. My favourite era is that Carole King/James Taylor/Joni Mitchell/Jackson Browne/Linda Ronstadt time.

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Hey, not sure if you are specifically talking about albums, rather than singles, but music was certainly a commercial enterprise before the '70s. What do you think was motivating the record companies of the 60s, 50s (and earlier)? Like every other business, they were trying to make money.

Maybe they just got better at it later on, but making and selling music that was popular has always been a thing.


Recently I watched a documentary on the creation of some of the most iconic album covers of the day. There was one company that was involved in many of the album covers you would think of as a “classic”. It was very interesting to hear the back stories and just how important the look of the album was to the success/marketability of the product.
One album cover that was used in the documentary’s marketing is one that anyone of that era would recognize immediately. Most would instantly know the band, the name of the album and probably every song on the album is this one:

If you want to check it out it is here:

Squaring the Circle: The Story of Hipgnosis (2022) - IMDb



I’m certain my kids remain convinced that I don’t listen to anything recorded after 1985. Which coincidentally is the year my eldest was born :smiley:

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That was an interesting film, documenting the rise and rise of Hipgnosis.
Did you notice that, although it praised Storm Thorgerson’s genius creativity, everyone in the film described him as difficult, insensitive, rude and selfish? Hmmm… :thinking:

I’m not sure that that’s uncommon of people with a very strong vision. Steve Jobs comes to mind. I’ve more than a few statements about Jobs such as:

“Some say he’s a rude and indecent tyrant living in his own reality separate from the reality of everyone else. Others say that he was the greatest man of our time, a genius rivaling Einstein or Moses bringing to Earth a tablet without commandments.”

Maybe it just comes with the territory.


I’ve gone back and forth with how much I like rock music from the 70’s. Im an 80’s kid, a 90’s teen. Amongst all the popular music during those decades, I grew up listening to the Golden Oldies (we had a radio station that played late 50s to early-mid 70’s stuff). I hated it back then but now I am so appreciative of my parents being glued to that station because now I know so much music from those 25 years of artistry. So many artists, bands, and so so so many great songs, lyrically and musically.

There’s been times I said I LOVE the 70s era music. There will always be my all time favorites. Other times, I get a little bit tired of hearing what was emerging during that era, and I think 'ugh the 70’s rock stuff was just too much drug fueled endless guitar noise," EVEN THOUGH I’ve always recognized the prolific changes that were being made in music at the time, sometimes I just want to hear the familiar formula of verses and choruses.

Right now, I’m kind of off it. I won’t ever be able to say Led Zepplin was my major influence. I just didn’t grow up being amazed by them in particular. In fact, I don’t even know who I would say is my major influencers. I like too many bands, too many songs to be able to say one musician influenced me. I’m influenced by all of it in that I love music, be it classical piano, 60’s pop, 70s folk music, 80’s Madonna, Motley Crue, 90’s Ozzy, all the way to Seether, Korn, Eminem, Coolio, Ice Nine Kills, I mean its just endless, the music that I like. Def Leppard is the best, though. :wink:

Oh yes. I realise that. I just got the feeling that the 70s was where making money became the primary focus, and making music got relegated to second place.

I trhink for the bigger labels that was always the motive even going back to the 50s, with Chuck Bill & Elvis. They’re businesses, so it was always about the money. By the 70s it was more accessible. More radio stations, more TV stations that’s all so it hit a wider audience and made more bucks. Simples.

I hope you have a fantastic birthday Brian, you old bugger and get lots of nice guitar toys.

If you do hit the roller disco please make sure someone records you out there. You can then share your birthday fun with us.

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Happy birthday young fellar… hope it’s epic


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@brianlarsen I guess I’d qualify, Brian. Time is limited and I choose not to spend time mining for fresh musical gold.

Probably also true that in every decade there was music off the beaten track that many would say was as good or better than what was getting mainstream play and popular success.

But just a little stung by the comment, I invested 15 precious minutes this morning to listen to this 10 ten review by the esteemed Beato https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VaWKm6XlMk

And I confess I was surprised to find several I enjoyed and were I inclined I might search out to hear more of. Equally there was some that I absolutely don’t like.

It re-affirms my taste and preferences. I like percussion/beat/groove played on real acoustic drums, rapping over a synthesised groove may be art but is not what I want when I listen to music and songs, I am open to a range of vocal styles/production (but rapping is not singing). I have a stronger preference for real instruments over synthesised. That’s probably why in my earlier reply I preferred the little I know of the 90s over the 80s … just too much synthesised, electronic elements in the popular songs of the 80s day.


i have a question
Are we talking about new style of music after the 70’s or any humain being born after the 70’s ?
Cause there are some very good stuff done by youngsters but they play old school rock
Like Marcus King

If its about musical style then I agree with David , too much synthesised, electronic elements nowadays for my taste
Like Leland Sklar once said : " where are the instruments ? "

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As I said earlier the rockers are out there, you just need to know where to look. Good share Deborah ! :metal:

true , where to look is the most difficult part but youngster playing awesome traditional rock do exist !
That’s why i ask the question , is it about the music or the age of the musicians ?
I really like Greta van fleet too