'74-'75... and that's a slap!

Hi All, finally got myself into recording mood and polished up my last OM performance so to make it official see a link below for those who didn’t see or wish to revisit. This time speed was more appropriate and less hiccups along the way comparing to last time (but of course some are occurring every now and then!) :slight_smile:

Song includes a little percussive element - wasn’t easy to play a solo and maintain the slap! However it was a great song to learn such a thing. Hope you guys enjoy!


Love your strumming technic Adi. Sounded really good. Singing was also top notch!
Dont think i have any other tip than just keep them coming so i can study more of that cool strumming technic :grin:

Was a pleassure to listen to, well done!!

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Thanks Trond, happy you enjoyed it! :smiley: Justin has a lesson on it I believe in Grade 3? Such a fun way to play songs and introduces so much more dynamics, highly recommend the slap! :smiley:

Cool! I just started on 3rd grade few weeks back. Im all into consolidating some new and old stuff now :grin: but i need to be a better «basic» strummer before i can even think about stepping up to that level of strumming… was really cool strumming and definatly something like that im aiming for…

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Nice clean pro recording Adi. Played really well and sounded great.

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Thanks Jason glad you think this way :slight_smile:

I really liked the slap! I definitely want to try and learn how to add that. I was impressed by how consistent the sound of it was. When I’ve practiced it I tend to have a string or two ring out every few slaps.

I’m going to add like a couple of minutes of working on that every day. I remember the lesson Justin did that you mentioned. I should go back and find that.

I also just liked that song period. I like the way the main hook repeats the same rhythm three times in a row with a kind of stair step change in pitch for each phrase. Great job!

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Absolutely fabulous, Adrian. I enjoyed your performance at the OM, but so much better to hear a Home Studio recording rather than live over Zoom, quality is just inevitably that little better.

You are such a fine performer, fully into the song, the playing and singing, so smooth, relaxed. An inspiration for me, one of those whom I aspire to be more like.

I must work more on being able to get the percussive hit when strumming without a pick. I have no major issues with the pick but kind of baffled when strumming with fingers.

You mentioned some challenges with the slap, so still something to improve for future renditions. My 2cs worth on this is to be more consistent in terms of use of the slap. I liked it more when it was regular in the song, sitting in the groove like the snare would be. Perhaps something to think about in terms of dynamics, when to include when not, perhaps varying the rhythm in different sections.

And being one of those seemingly few people who’d never heard this song before, checked out the original video now, which was most enjoyable and further affirmed what a fine rendition you delivered.

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Hmmm… More of a hit than a slap if you ask me :rofl:
Getting better all the time :musical_score: :musical_note:

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That was terrific Adrian. Beautifully sung and played with the ‘slap’ adding so much to the dynamic of your performance. Well done.

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Great Adrian,
I think the original is very beautiful, so,…but this was also super, very nice guitar playing and solo part :clap:…and your singing is also great,…good to listen to and to watch…Thanks for sharing and looking forward to more…cis cis …uh…bis bis :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :bouquet:

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Excellent stuff Adi, you’ve really excelled yourself with this!
TBH I really think that you’ve got to the stage where I would take a look at More than Words; this is an iconic song that you need the right disciples to be able to play, also it’s one that I’ve not heard anyone play. I can get through most of it but with my memory wouldn’t get through it all :joy: It’s a great song!

If I recall correctly, @Richard_close2u played it with Mrs C on vocals, but my memory may be playing tricks with me.

Might just be up your street, Adrian, worth a look.

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Love that, your vocals suit that song perfectly and your feel / dynamics are super cool. Awesome :facepunch:

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Oh this song…sigh. (im a beginner, so i dont have much input…sounds great to me!)

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What a great performance, Adrian! Love your percussive technique here, and your vocals as well. I’m on the hunt for a recommendation for you now :smiley:

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Was waiting for you to post this! As Davd said, you always put emotions into your playing which is the core thing at least for me. Thank you for sharing! Also great sounding recording!

Hit, slap, whatever xD - he does it at the same time as playing the solo :open_mouth:

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I may be mis-understanding both comments, so forgive me if I’ve driven off the main road here into a ditch …

I think Brian is suggesting this is a “hit record performance that features the slap technique”

Still drooling and dreaming of that percussive hit when playing with the fingers …


Thanks Garry, I think I can honestly say it was one of the hardest ones for me to cover so far just because of this “slap” as I called it to cause some stir :smiley: The way to learn any song like this to me is to figure out rhythm first - when exactly you need to hit those strings (assuming you already know how to hit it to get the sound, it was a process of it’s own as well).

Once you get the rhythm you need to really slow down… I was learning off another cover with no tabs so it took a while to transcribe it in my head and sound quality wasn’t best as I think either very poor external mic or even a phone recording it was!

After I transcribed the song then onto the practice - solo especially and few tricky spots I needed to go down as low as 0.25x speed! Crazy never done it that slow before! But once rhythm was in the bones, I knew what grips I need to play I was slowly adding on and on and that’s how I nailed the solo which was a task - especially the bit where you are on a C, do a hammer on a G string and convert onto a Gsus chord and bunch of others I am not sure how to name from the top of my head :smiley:

I will thank Luka aka @glpguitar for his encouragement using this reply as well as this reply gets a little bit behind how I learnt the solo which as you did say Luka - wasn’t easy! :smiley:

Thanks David, yes that’s why I like to follow up with the recording after OM performance. Once you can get around the nerves and few bumps on the way you do while playing live and twice the quality is just so much better than a live feed, no questions asked.

I think Justin’s lessons in Grade 1 about different techniques of strumming is just bang on, picked up a few techniques from there. I also have quite a strong fingernails which helps a lot (never been a biter of my nails, they are too tough for me to do it!) :smiley:

Thanks for this one as well David, I always more appreciate constructive feedback! I am really impressed you picked this one up, it wasn’t obvious to me as well when I first listened to the song so kudos! I think in some instances it was difficult to introduce the slap element and dynamics of chord changes were so quick I just couldn’t do it so I tried to overcompensate with a louder strum. Perhaps wasn’t loud enough so will have to work on it on a different song, after playing this one so many times it’s time to move on for now :slight_smile:

Thanks again David, I am sure one day you will get to train this percussive element of play however as we all know, the pie of learning to play the guitar is just too big to consume it in a single go! And what I mean by this is pretty obvious - you can’t learn to play it all at the same time, things take time :slight_smile: all the best!

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