A Fairy Tale - Classical Guitar

As planned I’m having an unstructured - practice routine free - “IDoWhatIWant” month…well I did my homework in January, February and March! :innocent: This means: playing playing playing…melodies, little pieces and songs songs songs on my acoustic as well :blush: My Classical Guitar journey should be still about single notes melodies…but accordingly to the “IDoWhatIWant” principle I took both the teacher and student’s parts of this (which is supposed to be a duet) and played them together. It’s such a sweet little piece :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I don’t know who the composer is as it’s not mentioned in the book. I hope you’ll enjoy how I’m playing it :blush:


Bravo Silvia :exclamation: Sounds very good :exclamation: You emprove each time I ear you :exclamation:Beautiful :exclamation:


That is truly a fairy tale :princess: :frog: :wink: - Any chance that you would like to share the chords in the order played?. :innocent: - Very beautiful piece and well performed. :+1: :sunglasses: :heart: :pray:

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Enjoying your performance!

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Beautifully played Sylvia. Super clean notes, timing and tone.
Only one thing wrong. Too short! :smiley:

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Very nice work there Silvia! Yet at 36 seconds, it leaves me wanting more! :slight_smile:
I hope you have time to add to it at some point am I am a fan just waiting till that time!

You be well and take good care,

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Very nice!
More please :pray:t2:

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@BigLuc @ReneAsologuitar @kimlodrodawa @LBro @sairfingers @DarrellW
Thank you guys, I much appreciate you took the time to have a listen and comment and I’m very glad you enjoyed it :blush::blush::blush:

@kimlodrodawa you can download the free pdf Method Book Volume 1 from the site thisisclassicalguitar.com and put together the two voices of the musicsheet…it’s not too difficult, 3/4 time. The chords are not written and are in order:

Am G Dm Am
G F G Am
Am G C Am
Am G Dm Am

@LBro @sairfingers @DarrellW the musicsheet is for beginners and is this short, which is good for me as I wouldn’t be able to concentrate and play for much more than this (probably just a bit more) My hope is that with time as I keep on going and progress also my attention level will improve and I’ll be able to play longer pieces :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


Thnx a lot Silvia.
I was certain you made a G7, very happy to get it corrected. Thnx for link also. Downloaded already :wink: Cool. :+1: :sunglasses: :heart: :pray:

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@kimlodrodawa The G I’m playing might be a G6 (not sure). You need to fret only the Gnote on the bass Estring and the B note on the Astring and play also the open D and G string…in the penultimate G you also play the open B string as top note. If you have a basic knowledge of standard notation just stick to the musicsheet. Have fun :sunglasses:

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Really beautiful SIlvia, every time I open one of you AVOYPs I know I will be in for a treat. It’s going to be great to see what else you decide to learn in “SilviaDoesWhatSheWants” month :slight_smile:


You play like a ballerina dances. I love watching and listening to you. Well done!

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That was lovely! I too am taking a classical guitar course and a theory class at the local community college since mid January.

I have not used a pick in three months and honestly I don’t miss it.

I’ve had to put Justin’s courses on pause although his theory class ant the Cato method has come in handy!

Can’t wait for summer when school is out and I can start “playing “ the guitar again :).


Every month should be an “IDoWhatIWant” month! (mine all are, lol)

Your playing was great, sounded beautiful. Even had the classical guitar posture & expressions going on.


Sounds a bit threatning :joy:

Oh wow…I’m good at playing the classical guitarist :grin::sweat_smile::joy:

@pkboo3 what a beautiful compliment, it touched my heart :gift_heart: I think one day or the other I will surrender to the idea that the classical guitar might actually be my cup of tea :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hello @sticktothemuse ! Please do @me if you post anything! I hope you’re finding the course useful, I would be very interested to know more about it! :heart_eyes:

BIG THANKS ALL OF YOU :hugs::pray:

Very nicely played Silvia - too short though!

Really beautiful Silvia. Well done

@Fourtwo42 @Blobbyblob Thanks for listening and commenting, it means really a lot to me :blush:

An absolutely gorgeous listen, Silvia! Beautifully played, with skill and grace. More please! :clap: :star_struck:

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A wonderful listen Silvia and I like the rock and roll attitude you are bring to this months guitar learning.

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