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Hi, the app has a different D6… which is confusing.

And a different strum pattern… which is very confusing.

Still got the wrong fingerings for D6 on this app song!

Why does Justine calls this a D6 chord when the fingering is nothing like that shown in his chord library? Chord Library | JustinGuitar.com

The name of a chord is about what notes are played. There are many, many different ways to play any given chord.

Even if they don’t sound the same? All very odd.

Perhaps JG needs to add this version to his chord library, so that it shows the option.

Justin says in the lesson we will just call this chord a D6 in the lesson for simplicity as probably easier to roll of the tongue when teaching the song than repeating a very long chord name.

That’s why the guitar playing thing doesn’t, in some cases, make sense.

Look to see what inversions are, all will become clear!
The same thing applies to almost any musical instrument that plays chords.

There you go again just throwing out another term which I have no clue about :slight_smile: Do I need these at this point?

No you don’t and if all you want to do is play open chord songs you never will need to know chord invertions. You can make the guitar as easy or complicated as you want to. But the best way to learn is to follow Justin’s Beginner Course and keep asking guestions. Tske in what you understand and want to learn and ignore the rest. It will all fall in place one piece at a time.

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@Stuartw Stuart, all you need in a nutshell is what Justin has shared with you in all the lessons, modules, and grades you have completed so far.

While there is nothing fundamentally wrong with exploring other things outside of the programme, it is not necessary. Justin provides a structured programme to take you from first picking up the guitar with zero knowledge and ability, to being able to play at a competent novice level.

When learning songs with Justin’s lessons, pay close attention to how he teaches the song. In many of the lessons he will signpost clearly what is appropriate for a person working through grades 1 and 2, and where he is starting to add elements to the song that are aimed at more intermediate, even advanced, level players.

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No you don’t, so at your stage accept what you’re told, putting it very simply inversions are just different ways of playing the same chord(s), for example without getting too complicated I can play a C chord in 4 different ways and another 4 by going up an Octave. No need to know how until you get to the stage where it’s needed.
I made that comment because I genuinely thought that you had enough interest to find out, it was just a hint on how to find out; obviously I was mistaken!

Do they all sound the same though?

I do (and you were not mistaken) but hadn’t got round to checking them out. It may be a surprise but guitar playing is not the single most important thing in my life as have loads of other stuff going on.

Not exactly because the voicing is different, but they are recognisable as a C chord.

Don’t we all have other stuff going on :joy: but I make time to work towards my aims of learning guitar and all aspects of it. Yes sometimes it takes more of my time than I really want it to but there’s always the option to bookmark and shelve it until time is better available.

I’m teaching this song to my sister, a complete beginner on guitar. She picked the song herself, from a list of 2 chord songs. She just sent me this :rofl: