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Hi, the app has a different D6… which is confusing.

And a different strum pattern… which is very confusing.

Still got the wrong fingerings for D6 on this app song!

Why does Justine calls this a D6 chord when the fingering is nothing like that shown in his chord library? Chord Library | JustinGuitar.com

The name of a chord is about what notes are played. There are many, many different ways to play any given chord.

Even if they don’t sound the same? All very odd.

Perhaps JG needs to add this version to his chord library, so that it shows the option.

Justin says in the lesson we will just call this chord a D6 in the lesson for simplicity as probably easier to roll of the tongue when teaching the song than repeating a very long chord name.

That’s why the guitar playing thing doesn’t, in some cases, make sense.

Look to see what inversions are, all will become clear!
The same thing applies to almost any musical instrument that plays chords.