A Learning & Practice Routine to Blend Minor & Major Pentatonic Scales

Hey Richard,
Thanks for pointing out about the download ability, I missed that. I wasn’t able to download pattern 2 D shape or pattern 5 G shape because they didn’t appear to be downloadable.

Hi Chris, I’m not sure why that is for you - they all have the download option when I view them. If you can’t figure it let me know and I will send you the graphics in a message.

Hey Richard,

They still weren’t downloadable, but I figured out another way to copy and save them so now I have them all. Thanks!
Now a new question, one that has puzzled me every since I’ve started learning scales, notes, and intervals. Is it better to learn the interval number, say “root - flat 3rd” or “A” (root) - “C” (flat 3rd)? I hope that makes sense. Or does it really matter. I’ve notices that some guitarist know intervals without thinking about it, but naming the actual note takes them a few seconds. I’m not sure how I should be committing this information to memory. I’m pretty good on root note locations on the fretboard and getting better on flats and sharps, so I’m getting there, but as I said I’m just wondering if I should be focusing on intervals, major/minor or note name. I wish my ears would just lead the way, but after working around jet engines for 26 years, they aren’t doing all that well anymore. Thanks again for your time.

@Delzona Learning the intervals is easier because they are
the same for all the scales in every key. All minor interval scale
are the same and all major scale intervals are the same in
every key.
You can learn the notes of each scale as you use those scales.
I personally think learning intervals is more important.


Thanks I appreciate the answer. I will focus on the intervals distances as I practice.

@Delzona I’m glad you got them sorted Chris but don’t know why they showed as not downloadable.
In terms of your question, @stitch has answered perfectly well. I don’t know if you have a subscription to the practical theory course. If you do, Justin teaches learning the notes across the fretboard in module 4.

I have to look to see what I actually have in the way of subscriptions with Justin. I’ve subscribed to a number different programs that he offers and I just keep jumping around, which I think is why my progress is not very steady.



Gordon - I have started to remove the contents of my back pocket … this for you. :slight_smile:




Justin introduces a scripted blues solo in this lesson: Beginner Blues Solo | JustinGuitar.com
and a nudge towards improvisation here: Blues Improv | JustinGuitar.com

For all who took a little look at this and had an OMG what the heck moment - thinking it was all too much. For those just about at the point where you know what the minor pentatonic scale is and have learned pattern 1 in A then look here instead: First Steps in Blues Improvisation using Minor Pentatonic Scale Pattern 1

While true that the major core of Justin’s blues lead studies are in the intermediate grades, he does intoduce it quite a bit earlier. And using just pattern 1, nothing else, you can spend months and months and years even having fun before you reach those far-off shores.