A little blues

Here’s a little blues number called ‘Don’t let the devil ride’. There are a few covers knocking around - personally I love the live version Kingfish does - you should check that out to see it done right.

Ok, so I spent a little more time setting up the audio for this one :slight_smile:
The guitar is taken directly from my FRFR cab into a Focusrite 2i2 audio interface then into my macbook. Vocals via an SM58 into the same audio interface. Recording on Garageband with just a hint of reverb and compression on the guitar.

I put a drum groove on a boss looper, then I played a simple bass line over that. There are a few timing issues, but your feedback would be very welcomed.



Hey Paul,

That was sweeeeet man!

Can’t recall seeing a performance of yours before, but that was some great playing. I found your intro to get some more info. You’re obviously a pretty accomplished, experienced player. Just what I need in this community - a bluesman :+1:
Great groove, a sweet touch, singing was great. Every bend, slide etc all spot on. I listened 3 x times for the timing ‘issues’. Where are they?
I’ve been playing for 3+ years, and am hooked on the blues, getting all the foundations down. Hoping to get to that level of playing in the next few years.

Again, great stuff, a real treat. I can see myself seeking advice from you in the near future. And thanks for another great blues tune to learn.

Cheers, Shane


Nope. That was fine by me.
You and Mr. Clay still don’t make me like the blues… but you make me want to be able to play them like that :grinning:
I see you swapped your Les Pauly thingy for a cool tele :sunglasses:
Much improved sound on this.
Will we be treated to a jam-buddy performance one day? :wink:

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Hi Paul,
Great … Sweet :sunglasses: :clap: :sunglasses:

Justin could do this in his next blues course or as a supplement to the grade 3 course (or just a song lesson)… but before that happens I’ll work on this myself, thanks for that…


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Hey Shane - There are a few times I’m a little ahead of the beat, for example the Eb9 chord at about 31 seconds (once you hear it, you can’t unhear it). Still plenty to work on here!

Thanks Brian - I’ll try and persuade my daughter to record something with me … but it certainly won’t be blues :slight_smile:

Cheers Roger. It’s a simple 12 bar tune, so plenty of scope for improv, fun to do.

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Barely noticeable though really. I call it being musically loose with the rhythm. :slightly_smiling_face: Of course, when you’re the one playing it, its different.
Having another listen, to pick up any more tips, and see what I can steal :nerd_face:.

Cheers, Shane

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That was awesome. Loved your rhythm playing. Really nice groove, the chord slides were pretty cool too.

Aspirational playing :wink:

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I really enjoyed your groove on that one Paul @mathsjunky.
Great job.
I enjoyed listening to that.

Your tele got a great tone to it and, looks real cool too… :wink:

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Hey Paul that was superb and very aspirational to someone whom has recently reached the crossroad and chose the blues path to focus on. I enjoyed that very much. Well done.

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Thanks JK - it’s a great little tune to play.

Thanks Jim, yeah, love that tele.

Thanks James - I really enjoy blues, it’s the root of so much music!

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If there’s anything worth stealing then I’ll have stolen it from someone else already :slight_smile:
Let me know if there’s anything you want me to explain

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Wow, that was a most enjoyable listen, Paul! :clap:

Way beyond me to offer anything but my appreciation of your performance, what a sweet blues. Great groove and vibe, phrasing was good as well. A lot to look up to and feel inspired from. :+1:

Thanks for sharing!

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That was an enjoyable listen and now to check out the Kingfish version.

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Thanks Lisa!

You’re in for a treat, that guy can play.

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Very nice! I kind of guess I could hear the e9 at 0:31 if I go back and listen carefully several times after you specifically pointed it out😉.

I doubt your audience, should you ever play for one, would even notice, much less care. Sounds about as put together as could be! Thanks for sharing.

Awesome playing and super cool vocals! :sunglasses:

There is a constant hiss though for me. If I look at the spectrum analyser there’s a high spike around 16k. Maybe some folks don’t hear in that range or on a speaker where it’s not noticeable. If it’s part of the amp character maybe just try to attenuate around the 16k frequency a bit as it got a bit grating over the whole piece. Or check if it was something else in the chain that created this high-pitched hum. (If not audible check with a spectrum analyzer, you’ll see a spike).

It’s an otherwise nice and slick arrangement and it sounds mixed well overall as well :ok_hand:

Cheers Joshua

Thanks Marcel - interestingly there was a rogue cable in my FRFR cab which was causing some noise - I didn’t hear it until I’d finished recording but couldn’t hear it on the playback so didn’t worry about it. My ears probsvbly aren’t up to 16k any more! I’ll try and find a spectrum analyser and take a look.

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Hi Marcel - I spent a little time experimenting this morning and found the culprit was that slightly dodgy cheap lead into my FRFR cab. Turns out I can hear the 16k hiss but it’s quiet for me and not distracting and I didn’t notice it with the guitar playing.
Thanks for pointing it out - hopefully I’ll have better recordings and I’ve also learned how to use the spectrum analyser in Garageband which is very cool :slight_smile:

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That was super smooth, Paul. Really, really enjoyable. I didn’t notice any timing issues. The tone was great and nice singing.

When I watch performances like this I feel I’m missing out not doing blues stuff.

Sweet touch, great vocal. Spot on all round Paul. Well done.