A little message for Bikers

This made me smile!


Yeah… your right on that Darrel :rofl:


Did you know in California it’s legal for motorcycles to split lanes in traffic? It means you can go all over the road and not wait in traffic jams. Not bad while driving with flammable liquid between your legs lol.

Yep. I know. We can do the same here in Norway…

That’s cool. Most states in the USA don’t allow that. We are the exception to the rule and we are strange ducks out here lol.

Nice scoot!

As a retired cop who scraped up too many people after motorcycle crashes, I think this is insane.

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Honestly I agree. As a driver of a car you can’t always see the motorcycles. The CHP motorcycle cops do the same-zip in and out of traffic like it is nothing.

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50 years later still loving that risk.:comet:

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Trond is that yours? If so why am i not surprised. :+1::sunglasses:

Quite right too. Weirdest thing about France its illegal. ???

Yes and no doubt most were SMDSYs

Amen to that Bro! Pump up the volume.:sunglasses:

Another biker here :raising_hand_man:.

I love your bike Trond. Custom bikes is a world I should had never left. But I wanted to try and got a Naked bike. It’s a good machine, but… I liked more my old one (HD Sportster)


Looks like a good tourer Edgar, great for those Spanish roads. :+1:

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Thought I’d this in as I just edit the pic I dropped in Maggie’s LL. A quick run out to coast earlier this week.

I should add after @stitch Rick’s post exhausts has adjustable baffles. Loud n louder !


Hehehehe. Yeah that is my bike Toby, My other passion :grin:
Dont have time to play as much guitar in the summer months as in the winter time.

Nice BMW @Rumil :+1: a much better bike in every way compared to what i have. But i just love HDs and had loads of them. They have a charm and feel no other bike has :grin: the custom world is a rabbit hole difficult to escape from, its not to late to turn back Edgar :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Edit: ahh you have a Sportster too… Cool!! Love Sportster, i have had a few of those,


Ahhh… love it Toby!! Yours?
And yeah!! Loud pipes save lifes :grin::+1:

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Vroom vroom.

I had a modest mid-size tourer for a while … sold it when I scared myself once too often. I don’t think I have an actual photo of it (pre-mobile phone days of course).

Ah for the halcyon days of the sports 600 tourer.