A member gifts me the Blues Course

Hello to the Community,

Well, there is at least one genuine angel in this wonderful community. Likely more, but certainly one.

Yesterday, I received an email from Fanny, who is the Student Success Specialist here at Justin Guitar. She said she had a ‘special’ request, which in part read;

Someone from our Community wants to gift you access to the full Blues Immersion Course anonymously”.

(The following, while of course being open for you all to read, is primarily addressed to this most generous and loving soul. I just wanted the whole community to know what this person has really done for me).

I was absolutely floored by your offer. I thought I’d misread it or something. When I realised I hadn’t, I must admit I teared up more than a little. In fact, I think I was in shock; had goosebumps all over for some time.
When I eventually gathered myself, and approached my wife to tell her, she later told me she thought something was wrong with me, like I was having a stroke or something.
She couldn’t believe it. She teared up a bit as well. She was so very excited and happy for me, as she obviously knows about our life, and also knows that Blues is my ‘thing’, and I’ve been going on about this great new Blues course of Justin’s endlessly.

I initially told her that I of course could not accept your offer. It was just too much, too generous. It’s a sizeable amount of money for anybody, at almost $750 AUS! And from someone who knows me on some level for sure, but has never even met me. “Why did you do this ?” I asked myself. I didn’t think I was worth such a gesture.

“ You ARE going to bloody accept it”, my wife said. ( My wonderful wife, Sharon, can be very forthright like that. One of the many reasons I adore her).
She continued. “ You know you love the Blues. Everyone knows you love the Blues. This is just the universe’s way of making it happen, through this wonderful soul. You deserve it to happen for you. We deserve it. Think of all we have generously done for others over the years, without any desire for praise or recognition. Well, now it’s just your turn, in your time of need, at the right time, that’s all”.
Well, I teared up again; all 6”3’, 110kg of me.
I did wonder of course, how, or if, you knew about our very poor financial status of recent years. My wife, with her ever-present wisdom, told me to stop thinking about it. “ Whoever it was - whether they knew, or guessed or whatever, doesn’t matter”.
After 10 or so more minutes of discussion and blubbering, I ‘came round’ and decided to reply to Fanny’s email and graciously accept your truly exceptional gesture.
I just still couldn’t get over someone thinking of me in that way, and wanting to generously gift me such a wonderful thing.

You see, I so love the Blues, and it’s become my primary focus for the last nearly 2 years. If I’m not playing it, I’m practicing it. If I’m not practicing it, I’m listening to it, talking about it, watching Youtube videos, or thinking about it. I’ve even dreamt about it a few times.

And while I’m certainly still very much at the foundational level, I’m at the point in my Blues playing where I know just enough to be a little bit dangerous. So this course appears absolutely tailor-made for me; to fill in some foundational gaps, to instill, solidify, and develop some things structurally, and to open up and expand the many exciting, yet unexplored areas for me.

But I really knew I’d never be able to afford such a course; 3-4 years ago I’d say sure, but not today. A work injury 3 years ago, and subsequent improbable events since, have devastated our financial life, so even the very basics today are often problematic. Life today is very different to what it was. I’ve not really ever mentioned this on the forum; everyone here has their challenges in life. Plus, if I’m being honest, my pride and embarrassment got in the way. My struggle is nothing however, compared to most of our fellow human beings on this planet who suffer dearly in ways I can’t even imagine.
But it certainly has made me question my own self-worth many times, feeling I’ve let my loved one’s down terribly.

I only mention this now to let you know that what you have gifted me is much, much more than your financial generosity; as if that wasn’t enough in itself. You’ve helped to re-ignite some self-worth; and that, my friend, is priceless. I’m not lying when I say that I woke up this morning feeling much better about myself than I have for a long, long time. I doubt that would have happened without your wonderful gesture.

Incidentally, the 27th of this month marks my 4 year anniversary since joining Justin Guitar on June 27, 2020, so what beautiful timing you have as well. It really is a community like no other online, guitar or otherwise; more of a close-knit extended family than a forum. For me, it has certainly been so much more than just a place to talk about guitar, and play a few tunes.
So, thank you my dear friend, from the very bottom of my heart. My wife also wishes to extend her deep gratitude for your truly wonderful gesture. You epitomise what Justin, and this great community are all about.

I hope that sometime in the near future, I can pay forward the gracious generosity you have extended to me.

Looking so very forward to joining those in the course. I see there’s some very familiar faces, as well as quite a few I’ve yet to meet. It’s certainly going to be a thrilling time! Let’s rip some Blues together!



You’re wife is always right Shane. You deserve it mate. You’ve contributed so much to this community and your love, dedication and progress in the blues is an inspiration. I’m so haopy to be going through this class with someone like you


Those are kind words indeed James. Thank you.
All made possible by this person’s wonderful gesture.

Cheers, Shane.


What a wonderful story of generosity and gratitude. Thanks for sharing and for all of your contributions to this community.


Wow Shane, what an amazing gift. And for a deserving guy & passionate bluesman. Kudos to the person who gifted it to you, what a generous soul.


Yes @jkahn , Im still 2 inches off the ground. Something I will certainly never forget.


All thanks to the generous soul who made this happen.


Wow, Shane! That is fantastic! What a great group of people here!


:heart: :heart: :heart: :sob:
This is so heartwarming!! Thanks for sharing Shane!
And so thoughtful and generous of the amazing community member who gifted this
I am so happy that you are going to be doing the Blues course. It feels like you should be and you deserve it.


That’s amazing, Shane! So well deserved :grin:

We really have the best people here :grin:


I teared up a little reading the story. Congrats Shane! And a big thank you to the generous soul who made the story possible. The world needs stories like this.


Congrats, enjoy the course. :clap:



I was (and still am) ecstatic to read this. Thank you for sharing it with all of us. I hope you squeeze every drop of joy from the course. You absolutely do deserve it.


This post is so beautiful (and so is the gesture by the kind stranger of course). Clearly, blues is so important to you and I’m so happy for you that you’re able to take this course! I’ll see you in class, @sclay!


This is such a great gesture! I am so glad you will be part of this course. You helped and inspired many people with your comments over the years here. You fully deserve it!


Congrats Shane!! Now lets play some Blues and have a fun 6 months all together :wink:



Shane, the universe is a strange and wonderful place. . .so happy you will be joining us on the immersive journey into the blues. As for the kind soul who gifted the spot, one could say that generosity of spirit is the most significant form of generosity and that, sir, you have in spades; as you’ve amply demonstrated in this community over the years. Generosity begets generosity and, as such, well deserved to you and kudos to the person who was able to recognise your consistent contributions here and find a way to attempt to balance the scales somehow!!! Enjoy, and we’ll see you on the course.


Wonderful story Shane, looking forward to playing together on the course. :smiley:


It’s a special gift to be able to graciously accept other’s generosity, and you have done that so well here, my friend.
This is the most heartwarming thread I’ve come across in the Community for a while.
Vibes to the donor and recipient :sunglasses:


I’ve just woken up and sat down with breakfast, and this is literally the first thing I have read today. What a truly magnificent, heart warming moment in your life Shane. Wow. :hugs: