A member gifts me the Blues Course

You sure do deserve it, Shane and what a wonderful gift from someone. It was also great to read what a positive impact it has had on your self-worth. Enjoy the course and I cannot wait to see your future AVOYP postings.


What a wonderful post, Shane! This is one of those moments to think, there is hope for this world! What a generous gesture from the donor! Another proof, how exeptionel this forum and it’s members is/are.
You deserve it, Shane. You gave so much good advice to the group. Your dedication to the Blues is obvious and now you are blessed to develop your skills to another level.
I hope, the over all situation gets better for you soon. Please don’t question your self-worth, it’s probably hard enough to deal with the situation anyway. Your “worth” isn’t measured by your income but by your habits as a human being.
I wish you all the best and a lot of enjoyment with the course!


Amazing Shane, there are certainly some good people out there.


Blimey Shane I’m sitting here blubbering myself, what a wonderful gift and to someone so deserving. In just four years you have been a wise and consistent contributor to these pages and its great that you are now able to participate in BLIM. Look forward to sharing the ride.

This is just another example of what a fine and supportive community this is and though I have my suspicions, I would also like to thank the anonymous donner for their remarkable generosity.



Beautiful story and thank you for sharing, I’m all emotional for you after just reading it. I was hoping this journey was going to be a blast and now I know that the other BLIMM’ers on board the cruise are truly top notch.

Roll on July and let the Fun commence. :grinning: :+1:


Yes @TheMadman_tobyjenner , I am still , I believe in a bit of shock. I will never forget this. Absolutely floored me, and my wife.
Looking very forward to the journey ahead with you, and others my friend.

Cheers, Shane


Thanks for sharing this wonderful storey and kudos to the doner. There are still good people in this world.

Enjoy the course Shane @sclay and hope it brings everything you want out of it. To be honest I’m still in the ‘not sure what blues is’ stage!! Is it shuffle? Is it improv? is in licks? Is it all the above?


Blues is the opposite of Shane’s emotional state today!


Thanks Stuart for the kind words.
I think the Blues is different for different people. That’s what makes it so fascinating.
For me, I think at it’s core, it’s 12 bars of beautiful dance between sweet and sour.

Cheers Shane.


Hi Shane,
I am extremely happy for the joy you experience through this. Of course the reason for that joy is caused by misery and that makes me a bit sad, but today we celebrate and focus on the good and very nice thing that this is…and we and I hope you always celebrate the good in and around us every day, no matter how small, that is something that gets us through the darkest days and years.

Have a lot of fun with the course and celebrate the good exuberantly like you are doing now…

It is granted to you and I wish you a wonderful time, Greetings from the other side of the world :smiley:


I hope you enjoy the course. The group would have been missing something without you. Sorry that you are going through hard times in the background.

What a heartwarming story, to have an anonymous donor, recognize your situation and make this possible. Not the only time extremely generous acts have happened in this community. Another reason why I love this supportive and nurturing place.

Hovering over people avatars I notice that you are all slowly getting special BLIM Class One badges


I am so happy for you Shane! Kudos to the donor, whoever he or she may be.
Blues is more than just the notes played. The licks all have some emotional foundation. There is a depth to blues music that emanates from hard times softened by the expression of music. Many musicians possess the technical ability to play blues music but those that have experienced the harder road to travel denote a reality in their playing that cannot be taught.
Express your journey through your playing and you will excel in this genre.


To all who so thoughtfully and graciously replied, I thank you. It warms my heart.

Of course, the beautiful soul who made this happen is the reason for all this good feeling from everyone. Its a lovingly powerful thing.
I’ve been up since 3 am this morning, and its 10pm now. While the mind is still buzzing, the body is fading. Goodnight all.

Cheers Shane


Congratulation Shane, I am so happy that you will be able to participate. Your eyes are not the only ones tearing up. What a gracious gift. I love this community!


Well done Shane and enjoy every minute of it il be on the course and im here if you need a helping hand if I can, and a big thank you to who ever helped you on your way its so nice to read about kindness these days Hec


What a beautiful story, Shane, I’ve got tears in my eyes too. You and the anonymous donor are both beautiful souls, and shining examples of the spirit of the JustinGuitar Community. I know you will enjoy this extra immersion on your Blues journey. Hugs to you and the donor. :hugs::hugs:


That’s truly one of the most heartwarming and beautiful stories I’ve come across in a while, Shane. :heart:

I am really happy for you to be given this opportunity and your wife is more than right: You deserve it! You are always a great source of wisdom willing to share your knowledge and contribute to the community, overall a great role model for what someone can achieve with true dedication in a relatively short amount of time. Your love for the Blues was clear to see and it’s amazing you were gifted with the oppurtunity to dig even deeper with the BLIM course. I wish you lots of joy and fun! :slight_smile:

Also, big thanks to the kind hearted and generous donor! What a wonderful and lovely gesture. :hugs:

Probably no other story to be read here reflects the spirit of Justin and the “payin’ it forward”-idea more than this one. While reading, there were some happy tears on this side of the world, too, proving that joy is one thing that grows when being shared. :smiley: So thanks again for sharing your story with us, Shane.


Wonderful Shane, you are thoroughly deserving. Wonderful that there are still such generous souls in the world and I am not surprised to find such a sould here in our Community


This is simply wonderful, Shane. I havent known you long or really that much about you other than several times you’ve answered my questions or given kind words. Enjoy this opportunity, the gifter knew what he/she was doing.


Shane, such a wonderfully, incredible, anonymous gift you have received. I am truly excited and happy for you. And to the anonymous donor, such a beautiful, generous heart and soul you have. I am happy to know there is such a person as you who would gladly do this for someone you knew would be ecstatic to receive.