A special kind of "closed" Open Mic Holiday Special: When?

Hi guys,

We just came out of a meeting and one of the topics Justin came to tell us was that he would like to organize a special kind of Open Mic for the Community.

See it as a kind of Holiday Special with Justin coming on, performers from the community here and it would even include some kind of performance of a bunch of justin Guitar team members as well :wink:

It’s not the plan to have a bunch of strangers here but it would get a bit more promo as part of the Community. (Username needed etc).

We’ll be using the Streamyard setup for the stream and media management so that would mean a bit less “small bar” setup like the regular OM’s but a bit more the “Conference” setup.
By all means, consider it something else as the other OM’s but we DO appreciate the consultancy we can get of you OM veterans :wink:

It was a rough idea and we’re tring to check out what it could look like.

Meanwhile, we would like to who thinks he/she would like to have a go and what weekend in December would be best? (weekend of 3rd, 10th or 17th of December? Fri/Sat/Sun?)

Let us know here whether you might be up to this and when you think is the best weekend/day to do this. This input will help us decide on format and planning!

in the loop:
@DavidP @Richard_close2u @larynejg



Put me down as a tentative yes.

Be nice to do one without being directly involved with the set up.
Not sure how the audience side of things factors in when using Streamyard as that was the downside when considering it for the the Community OMs. At least with Zoom we can see all the performers and audience together. So when you say “Conference” would be that be the same as the Livestream Trial we did May 2020 (I think ?) or set up differently ie does it have the equivalent to gallery view?

Earlier in the month will be better, as I will be organising OM XIII for January 14th, so folks will need prep time for that as well and will set the ball rolling for the next year. And there is a longer JGC OM gap due to Christmas - Big picture.



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Reading this again, I think that does the OMs a disservice, we have been in the auditorium for some time now.


… requires a special kind of performer :rofl:

I’m in :sunglasses:


We can have a guess the song competition :wink:


I would be interested. Of the three weekends mentioned, the weekend of the 16th/17th/18th would be best for me, as I will be out of school for Winter Break at that point, so any of those three days would work. Saturday the 10th might work as well for me.

Best Wishes,


I would be interested. I will have had my first open mic experience here at that point, so I might as well jump into another :laughing:

I would prefer one of the later two weekends to give the maximum amount of prep time. Would we have to perform a holiday song?


I’m interested if it ends up being the 17th. I have the same question as Jenny - is it Christmas songs only?

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Depending on the date and time I would be interested. I have never done an OM before but no better time to go for it. :weary:.

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Would be definitely interested although anything from 14th December is no good for me unfortunately as I am off on leave and then visiting family for Christmas abroad. Also a question if it’s Christmas themed or what would be expected?

What does this mean?
What is a ‘closed’ Open Mic?
Why an event like this?

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Hi, I would be up for this. The time of month does not make a lot of difference to me. Looking forward to this.

Nice to see some feedback here already, big thanks! :heart_eyes:

If you could play a song that fits the context of the holidays, that would be great of course.
By that I mean “not only Christmas”; we have people from all over theworld here.
Not everybody celebrates Christmas the same way and many don’t even celebrate it at all but celebrate something else in the timespan of December and January. It would be cool if people could bring in their local flavour. If you have a local song in your own language you could do, that would be wonderful but of course, the Christmas classics are just are cool! We’ll make sure we don’t have 10 people doing Silent Night though :smiley:
That doesn’t mean it HAVE to be Holiday flavoured songs, that’s not a hard target at this point.
As we are still toying with the idea, I confirm nor deny :stuck_out_tongue:

Because it’s not “open to random strangers just clicking a link on the internet?” :smiley:
…Like the OM’s now. I know I know, as soon as you are introduced you’re no stranger :wink:
The OM’s are usually “powered and hosted” withing the Community.
This event is not a part of that tradition but something Justin wants to set up for this one time, in an effort to join as much people as possible in this event format to celebrate the holidays together. A chance to be here and do something for the Community and also a part to do something in our safe environment here.

@batwoman I think you weren’t around when we discussed Open Mic formats where most people involved preferred the Zoom format, like @brianlarsen pointed out above while Justin wants to try the “Streamyard” format at some point, where you can’t “talk” back like in a zoom meeting but you do have chat and all that (like YouTube streams etc). but it’s easier to host more people etc. This format won’t replace the OM’s; au contraire, we are inspired by how popular it is but also how this really is a safe place for people to take their first steps. That’s why I compared it with a “small bar” and a “conference”. This will be a bit broader and we’ll try to involve people that are around here but usually don’t step forward to be posting a lot, let alone participate in the OM’s. While it might feel as a higher bar for performing, it is a lower bar for participating as a spectator.
Because it’s a first time, it seems like a good idea to start here, because of many reasons but certainly not to cannibalize the existing format. Consider it as holiday one off “experiment” :wink:

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By closed I think Lieven means it will not be broadcast to Youtube but kept in house. PLatforms like Streamyard normally facilitate the transmission of live shows.
So it will be similar to the trial I mentioned,

What this lack is the gallery access, unless its changed and there is nothing better than watching the audience reaction live during the OMs and seeing everyone joining in. Which you never get on the recording. my 2 cents



Correct Toby.

Justin spoke of Streamyard in the Team Meeting but as the idea germinates it may be that we opt for Zoom as we always do, if that is possible.

What we really need is a sense of firstly if people are generally up for it and secondly, which of those weekends/days would be most suitable, based on the time being the usual 19h00 UTC start.

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David that is what I suspected. However with potentially 6 weeks to go or less you need to get a wriggle on and decide what platform is used.

If Justin wants to interact with the community especially on the audience and performer front, I would see zoom as the favoured platform. You know how that works audience wise compared to Streamyard.

Also given the quick turnaround from Open Mic XIII I would be happy to take on the organising if Zoom is the preferred platform. I am sure yourself Jason and JK could also provide some training for Justin to take on the Mr hammer role as MC. Though I doubt he would need it.

Still looking for Brian’s comment I’m not sure what Lieven was referencing to, maybe me ? Anyway Open Mic Performers roster, poster and link etc need to be communicated this weekend with two weeks to go, so that will keep me busy for now. But I urge you all to keep an eye on the clock on this one because December will soon be upon us very soon.

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Hi Lieven,(and the rest)
Nice, :sunglasses:… can I ruin a song in front of Justin again, :blush:… already looking forward to it :grin:,…
I can’t do the weekend of December 10,…The 3rd is going to be a bit difficult,…the weekends of the 17th or later is fine,…but of course when most can be the day,…good luck with planning and figuring out things,

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Sorry lost signal. If we go the Zoom room obviously @adi_mrok will need to provide us with a link or perhaps Justin may get a zoom licence for the community :wink: :wink: Hint hint :sunglasses:

David I only mentioned the organising, in respect of Zoom and the current OM set up as you know I have it down to a fine art and it’s not arduous whatsoever, so happy to share the load as normal if required.

A good initiative but I’ll happily sit in the audience this time and be entertained by other great performers. We have a gig on the 17th so that will be out for me anyway.

Is this one going to be open to anyone to perform who uses Justin Guitar or just the community again? I can see that from an audience perspective it’ll probably get a much bigger one with JG and the teams involvement.

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