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Musopia contact info, FAQs and other useful links here.

Need to contact us?

:e-mail: Email to justin.feedback@musopia.net

:bulb: Check the FAQ:

Frequently Asked Questions Here!

In-App bugs

To report an App specific bug, please go to our Upvoty board and let us know!

:rotating_light: Note that you should only use this Upvoty page for in-app bugs!

Tech support

For tech support concerning your specific device, please get in touch with us via email justin.feedback@musopia.net

Song issues

To report an issue with a song, please head to Upvoty and post it there!

Song suggestions

To vote for a song request or to suggest a new song in the app, please go here. We cannot promise to add the song, but we’ll try our best!

Feature request

To vote for a feature request, please visit Upvoty

Note - you can create a new request but please check those already made first.