About Module 1: A & D Chords + Play Your First Song!

Learn how to play the A and D chords and my trademark trick for fast chord changes! Plus, play your first song on the guitar! All lessons here.

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Hello all, first of all, a million thanks to Justin for doing this! It is an incredible system. I am not a musician, but I am a teacher. Speaking of this, there is a decision at about this module that people need to make. One can opt to proceed faster in order to avoid boredom but I would suggest slowing down actually and spending time to get those cord changes within the context of a song right. Seven weeks after starting (practicing 20-40 minutes daily, sometimes more, only skipped 4 days total over those 7 weeks), I am working that via Dire Straits’ Walk of Life with many cord changes between A, D, and E. I can barely ever get the whole thing clean (meaning perfect changes and each note being clean). What I am able to do is to stay on rhythm and go through the song without show-stopping errors on 1/2-1/3 of occasions (meaning no butchered cord change). Normally there are 2-3 minor errors such as a muted string or the like in every attempt. So this clearly takes time to get right but I suppose that pain early is a good thing later :slight_smile: