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Become a confident rhythm guitarist by exploring dynamics and make your strumming more interesting!

New to the course? Introduce yourself! :slight_smile:

I previously purchased access to SOS grade 1. Is grade 2 a different premium course to be purchased separately?

Philippe from France. I am an intermediate guitarist, playing mainly acoustic blue (especially Delta blue), pop song (in french and in english), accompanying choirs during rehearsals, where finding the right strumming (or fingerpicking sometimes) pattern is especially critical to support the conductor.

Jane from New Zealand. I’m an intermediate guitarist, focusing on singer- songwriting. I want to make sure that my songs are differentiated and the strumming patterns fit the words/emotion of my songs.

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Hey Jason, yes it is, but it’ll be discounted if you bought one of the modules already!

There’s a lesson on finding the right pattern, but probably just as useful for you - is using dynamics, changing patterns and volume, to suit the song. Conductor will love you for that! :slight_smile:

This should help you lots :slight_smile: Singer-Songwriters are notorious for not thinking about dynamics and playing the same pattern all the way through a song - and it gets SO boring!! You won’t do that!


Thanks Justin, or more specifically Nitsuj for including “Lefty” chords in the workbook. I no longer have to cut, paste & flip in Word or Powerpoint to read the chord charts correctly. Much appreciated!!!

Kia ora. Mandy from New Zealand. I’ve been learning guitar for about 8 months, following the lessons on here. I’ve completed grade 1 and most of grade 2. I’m really loving acoustic guitar (I have a Little Martin), and in particular have gravitated to fingerstyle (currently learning Helplessly Hoping) but I think thats because my rhythm / strumming isn’t great. So now I’m here to work on that! I did the SOS 1 course when it came out. Looking forward to getting into this over the coming weeks.

Hi, I’m Cate in Maryland. The image below is me and my KLOS carbon fiber (or in UK-spelling “fibre” guitar from Christmas 2019. I was just starting my guitar journey. It kept me sane during the COVID lockdowns. I am really excited about the “Strumming Dynamics” module and cannot wait to dig in. Thanks Justin.


Hi Cate :wave: What a cool guitar. I’d never heard of them before. I’m currently playing a Little Martin - suits my very small hands :laughing:

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@mandysimpson… YES! I love my KLOS travel guitar. My hands are small, too. For my first year learning to play guitar, I was playing on my brother’s Univox Phase 4 (full size) electric guitar. After year, I knew it was time to buy my own personal guitar. I was looking at smaller guitars. I tried the Martin Jr and Taylor Mini. I loved them both, especially the Taylor. I also played several parlor guitars at our local guitar heaven (musical instrument store that specializes in guitars.) I came across a review on the durability of the KLOS (hitting with hammer, dropping cider blocks on the body; rolling over the guitar with a Prius, etc…) I am a KLUTZ. I am the person who would trip over something and sit on my own guitar. The ease for travelling with the KLOS also called to me. So I tried the KLOS. It was comparable to the other small guitars that I had played. The tone had a slight pleasant harpsichord quality compared to the woodies that I played. I liked it, so I brought the KLOS home. I now have 3 guitars, a banjo and a ukulele. I play all of them a bit every week, however when I go somewhere, I reach for my KLOS. It goes everywhere with me. I enjoy my other instruments for different sounds. My KLOS is my companion. Have a great week!

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Scot from San Diego. I play a Martin acoustic but am tempted to get an electric. Hey Jason, I just finished grades 1 and 2 and have just started grade 3. I did not take the grade 1 strumming course. I’m decent with strumming “Old Faithful” and can get through Wild World, Daydream Believer, Brown Eyed Girl, and am currently working on Tiny Dancer. I would really like to improve my strumming and admit that when the pattern changes in a song or a chord is only used for two beats, I struggle to make it sound seamless. Oh, and I really have no idea how to palm mute. Nor can I form a bar chord fast enough to use them in a song…lol. But I am committed to improving my rhythm/groove. Is this the course for me?

Hi Scot :wave: your playing sounds like it might be similar to mine. I’m also heavily reliant on old faithful and nearing the end of grade 2. Same with barre chords too. I’m getting them but not fast enough to use them (although I’m working hard on that with Paint the Town Green which I am determined to play). I’m loving this course - its perfect for where i’m at. I’m sure you’d get lots out of it.

Hi Just bought this Strumming 2 Course - I have dabbled with the guitar for a few years and am having some lessons focused on finger picking style so keen to get into strumming confidently to compliment the finger picking.

Raimo from Tampere / Finland, 72 years now. I only have 4-5 years training behind me. Learning progress has been painfully slow, mayby because of my age and no any previous interest in music or guitar playing. I newer thought I would get this far, but here I am now, ready for new learning.

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Hi, my name is Noel, I live in Jackson, WY, home of the Tetons. I started my guitar journey in June of 2020 (well 50 years ago I played for about two months …). I have played every single day since then. I have had a ton of in-person lessons, they’ve been great. My strumming is still clunky and unimaginative, I’m much better at finger-picking. I want that to change!

Hello to all. I’m Renwick from the USA. Intermediate player who has always struggled with my strumming. Strumming SOS has already helped a lot. Just finishing up the first level and looking forward to Strumming Dynamics.

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Andy from Wales. I’m an advancing beginner and currently working on Heart of gold. I have neglected my rhythm playing, but the strumming SOS and Strumming foundations have both helped me so much with my timing. Now I’m starting the Strumming dynamics course, and hopefully I will be able to sound a lot better by the end of it. Thanks @JustinGuitar