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What would be more advisable? That we do all the practical music theory grades before we do the any of the main guitar courses, or should we do them both at the same time? Like as soon as we finish a practical music theory grade we go and do that course for the main guitar courses.

The general recommendation is feel free to do these in parallel. The theory lessons are not required for the play lessons, but they will augment your understanding.

My experience suggests that you will want to go through about the first half of grade 1. At that point you will have a few questions that the theory classes will answer. I also find myself doing the theory classes with my guitar in my lap to test out ideas and verify/clarify what is being taught, so you need to have some finger control for that part.

Lessons in theory are not designed to align with play lessons. I do find enough alignment that doing these in parallel seems reasonable. Just don’t try to align the grades, align the content to fit your ability to learn the content.


Would it still be okay to do all the guitar theory first, then do any of the main guitar course?

Sure. you could get use from the theory classes without playing guitar at all, but I still think it is better in parallel. The theory gives details for WHY you are doing the the things you’re learning HOW to do in the play classwork.
I have trouble finding time, so work in short bursts of time, I may go through a few hours of theory in place of play on a weekend.

I would say no if you are a beginner. Get some chords under your fingers and start learning a few songs. Then as Michael says maybe start towards the latter half of grade 1 at the earliest.
Then by all means do the Grades and MT in parallel, just remember they are not interdependent. :sunglasses:

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Definitely not the first.
The first and most important thing you or any beginner can do is get your hands on the guitar and learn to play - the practical skills.

Theory can wait until some time later.
Many people never learn it.
If learning it matters to you then I would recommend waiting until you are at least a Grade 1 player or beyond.

The grade system in the theory course does not correspond to the grade system in the beginner course.


Hope someone can help. I am watching the music theory course videos on an iPad. When I hit play on the video, it it automatically going to full screen video or I can toggle to a tiny Picture in Picture. It means I can’t refer to the transcript below the video as I watch, which is my preferred learning style. It’s really annoying. The other courses don’t do this. Is there a setting I can change so the video plays in the box on the top half of the screen with the text underneath? Thanks.