Acceptable yodeling?

@SgtColon remarked on my singing the word ‘yodel’ in the outro of a recent cover.
There are only two songs I love that have ‘yodeling’ in them:
The inimitable Focus (saw them twice live) and the equally hypnotic Laurie Anderson (my first ‘proper’ gig).
Mind you, Laurie only sings the word yodel, without employing the technique.
Does anyone else have a ‘good’ yodel-ay-hee-hoo? :rofl:


I’ve never heard a better yodel in pop music than focus,…so I hope further hearing damage is spared me…eventually it belongs in the Alps and that’s where it should stay :blush:

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Having to listen to stuff like this on the old valve radio may explain why my musical tastes are what they are. And they put this stuff on the tele !! :scream:

You have wisely chosen the one and only yodelling song of generations with the old Hocus Pocus boys. I can’t play the Marcel Marceau wannabe as I am listening for the postie.

I hope this is not an indication of what is install at the up and coming OMs ?

These are the other reason folks can’t remember the 60s, its buried deep in the subconscious.


So, thanks Toby, that didn’t hold 5 minutes :woozy_face::joy:


Good old Austrian tradition :grinning:.
(And no, I’m not able to yodel :sweat_smile:).


There’s also something of a yodeling tradition in American old-time country music, Jimmie Rogers, was known for it:

Later on Hank Williams incorporated some of the feeling of yodeling in his various whoops, which in turn influenced early rockers like Buddy Holly. Here’s one of my favorite Hank songs:

Great topic!


Where could this possibly go wrong?.. :woozy_face: :woozy_face: :woozy_face:


That’s gotta be an oxymoron ! :persevere:


Second time today that really loud :rofl: :joy: :rofl:
Thanks,…,. :blush:

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Haha, the good burghers of our community have you to blame for that, Roger-
Your ‘nicely neutralised’ comment earlier on must have pushed my ‘evil’ button :rofl:

Could it possibly be that I have hit on the only exception to the yodel rule? :open_mouth:
Six years living in the Swiss alps may have damaged me…
Alphorns with accordion solos anyone? :rofl:

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More cowbells :cow:

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That’s what I said… :smirk:

Yes yes,… maybe that wasn’t the only thing considering the big the damage… :roll_eyes:

okay … now you cross a line … people unite…



:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
I’m afraid there’s just too much to unpack in that sequence… but thank you for brightening up a rainy afternoon on Merseyside for even just a couple of minutes :wink:

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Gordon Lightfoot has an acceptable yodel-ish track:

I haven’t forgotten that @Mari63 is a huge GL fan as well. I do have a GL song in my back pocket – one of his truly misogynistic tracks. I did hear a female cover the song, so it kind of goes both ways. I should just let 'er rip! :slight_smile:


I remember writing an epic (cringeworthy :laughing:) song 8 weeks into picking up the guitar, and one of the ‘ladies’ said it reminded them of Gordon Lightfoot. I had never heard of him, but listened to the song and realised Irish folk singer Christy Moore had borrowed his tune for I wish I was back home in Derry.
Listening to your GL track reminds me so much of Christy Moore again, I must give GL a closer listen.
You should definitely do the cover. Include ‘advisory lyrics’ warning if necessary, but I wouldn’t sweat it.
I see what you mean about yodel-ish and it reminded me so much of Christy, I remembered a fab song off his Smoke & Strong Whiskey album that has a section of what might be called Celtic yodeling at a push :rofl: It’s a great song for a simple Dm F G A progression throughout with some tasty guitar work by Declan Sinnott
Does Celtic yodeling count @roger_holland?


Well fhe Celts spent a wee while in Europe so maybe that’s a given.

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There is no such thing as an acceptable yodel.

You need to make a decision as to what you want from your singing. Do you want passible party singing while guitar is your strength, like Justin?

Or do you want serious singing? Because the latter is far harder to learn and train for and maintain than guitar. I suggest the Ken Templin Vocal Academy as the only place to be for rock. I take the singing course for public speaking purposes: so I do the exercises but not the singing.

There is no comparison between high-level singing and “general purpose” singing in either effect or the time and effort that it takes. Hence the importance of making a clear choice and committing to it.

But, yeah, yodel is unacceptable and cracking should be extremely rare, should never happen during exercises. Since starting the course, I have not cracked in public speaking once or experienced unexpected voice/volume changes or any tiring/going hoarse (which was common prior to taking the course).

I also normally move my speaking voice to around C3 frequencies from my usual F2/G2 which adds clarity and allows me to be better heard in a bigger room without mic. And I have the power and clarity to deal with any room under any circumstances. All thanks to KTVA.

Good reply Steve but I’d recommend Liepe over Templin, horses for course. But I think the threads is about actual yodelling not accidently yodelling, in the way you describe cracking. Different ball game, as clearly demonstrated by the classic from Focus, that started the thread.


I don’t actually recall that song although listening to it now it certainly sounds classic Lightfoot.

I wonder what song you’re thinking of covering … I say go for it. Sundown? I think that’s still a great song, with a cool guitar riff. I read somewhere that Pat Benatar won’t sing Hit Me With Your Best Shot anymore due to the lyrics, and I thought that was kind of, not sad, but something. On the other hand there’s songs I’ve heard in the last several years where I thought the lyrics were horrifying and should not be played on the radio, so maybe I’m a bit too forgiving of the lyrics from the music I grew up with.

@brianlarsen is this a warning for your intended song for the next OM??? :laughing:

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Are you talking about The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald? That one was never a favorite Lightfoot song for me, it goes on FOREVER, and it has minimal melody variation.