Acronyms & lingo labels

On a whim (oaw?) I’ve decided to compile a brief list of acronyms I’ve been seeing lately, some perhaps unique to JGC.

Pfmaihnptiaa. Please forgive me as I have not put them in alphabetical order.

I’ve not seen a file or posting dedicated to this topic and iwelt (I will eventually learn them). Until then here is what I’ve got and still have some to learn:

OM open mike
OMC’s open mike “community”?

JGC Justin guitar “community”?

SY Streamyard software for streaming live music

UTC Coordinated Universal Time (yeah, let’s say it backwards just for fun)

GMT Greenwich Mean Time aka Zulu time same as UT. GMT is now a time zone only.

AI audio interface
DAW digital audio work station
Reaper a software brand of DAW
DI direct input
2i2 a brand model of an audio interface, Focusrite?
OBS brand of DAW?
GB garage band

ASIO ???
PRS ???

AVOYP audio video of you playing

NGD new guitar day

FFS far, far shorter …


OM Open Mic

OMC One Minute Changes

OBS Open Broadcast Software free and open source software for video recording and live streaming.

PRS Paul Reed Smith Guitars,

ASIO/ASIO4ALL Audio Stream Input/Output is a computer sound card driver protocol

NAD New Amp Day

TTFN Ta Ta For Now



Yeah the 212 is Focusrite’s most popular model.


That should be stuck somewhere, well actually there should be a glossary available under each reply you make next to Reply button :smiley: especially if you are talking with Toby or DavidP! :rofl: Then it should automatically come up whenever you want to reply directly over to him :smiley:

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NAD New Amp Day, basically middle letter likes to change a lot :smiley:
PRS - make of a guitar
LP - same as above but different make :slight_smile:
OMC - One Minute Changes
<there was this old rhythm I think course which has a name, @TheMadman_tobyjenner can you help? As this name comes up quite often. Also what abbreviation stands for would be useful>
Vox n Gtr - vocals and guitar
BT - Backing track, also bluetooth but mostly the first one over here :smiley:
AIC - ASIO/Audio Input Capture, as name suggests but as a function within OBS
YLM - Youlean Loudness Meter, app to measure loudness of your audio setup
FX - effect, as in guitar effect, pedal, etc.
POD Go - multi fx pedal.


RUST 1 & 2 if you’re old enough to remember DVDs Really Useful Strumming Techniques. A great course that Justin has since updated…twice. And the latest one was in the last NL !!

NL Newsletter





What about MTSM then Toby?


MTMS haha

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Yes what about Master The Scale Major ? Hoist The Mainsail Capn ?
I prefer Master The Major Scale MTMS :+1:
I am taking one question at a time,

Next ? :rofl:

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8 posts and nobody has GAS Guitar Acquisition Syndrome yet you guys are slippin’


What about BSB I & II ?

GAS - Gear acquisition syndrome

Mary Tyler Moore Show,

… It’s you girl and you should know it…
You’re gonna make it after all ….

That goes way back.

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OF - Old Faithful. Strumming pattern - D DU UD

(edited to remove incorrect final U)

FFSGAL - get a life. :joy:


Tom @Tbushell
Are you sure about the last U

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EADGBE - Every Amatuer Does Get Better Eventually

To add to this, ASIO is specific to the Windows operating system.




Poggers :rofl:



The secret to understanding the acronyms is to just spend loads more time here, no glossary needed!

Except for some of @TheMadman_tobyjenner’s stuff, I swear he’s an acronym generation machine :joy:

On a more serious note… many of those are not JGC specific acronyms, they’re either guitar or tech ones